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What a yawning Monday.. (T O T) yawnnnn…

I was so tired yesterday that I yawned non stop throughout the day. So much that it seems like I’m breathing with yawning. Hahaha… Seriously, it’s so suffering when you’re so tired and keep yawning but you can’t sleep. T_T

Sometimes it’s more suffering when you can’t even yawn freely…

Hopefully today won’t be so tired.. T3T


Fun fact: Do you know reading about yawning will makes you yawn?

So did you?

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  1. aye, i do understand how u feel….i alway try not to yawn when in meeting…this is most tough to do so T3T

    Hard right? T3T
    but just can’t help it..

  2. haha… i heard people said dat if we saw someone yawning, then we will yawn too…. quite true laa~~~ agaga

    Yea, and it works every time XD

  3. yawning can influence ppl! u can influence ur boss 😛
    but as I know, our brain lack of Oxygen, tat’s y we keep yawning, and that keep more Oxygen in ur mind(more energized) , make u cant really sleep well.

    But the more i yawn, the more sleepy i am XD

  4. there is recent evidence of a link between contagious yawning and self-processing that is negatively impacted by schizotypal personality traits. The neural substrates involved in contagious yawning, however, are unknown. Here, using fMRI, we show that viewing someone yawn evokes unique neural activity in the posterior cingulate and precuneus. Because of the role these areas play in self-processing (e.g., self-referential processing, theory of mind, autobiographical memory), our findings provide further support for the hypothesis that contagious yawning may be part of a neural network involved in empathy.

  5. Eh, I can yawn with my mouth closed. 😛

    and yes, reading abt u yawning i also yawned ady. lol

    Wahhh pro @@

    hahahah it works!!!!!

  6. XD Poor Miao.

    I yawn everytime after I gym too much too. (>”<) It usually means you have less oxygen in your bloodstream, thus the tired feeling. 🙂

    Therefor the body forces you to yawn. 😀

  7. I didn’t yawn but i laughed so loudly hahaha. But my dog and i have yawning competition @ home to see who yawns the most!

    Wahahahaha a race with your dog XD
    that must be very funny XD

  8. yawning is contagious…when i saw it, i feel like yawning as well *yawn* haha

    Now while I’m reading and replying this comment, I’m yawning d

  9. u will c me keep yawning at night if the weather is chilling and especially got aircon/fan facing me (eg, in a car or cafe) lols

    but i didnt yawn while reading this post lols

    I yawning d.. coz the weather is chilling right now with fan facing on me :/

  10. i didnt yawn but Miao, there’s a strategy of mine in yawning in front of boss. i hold my breathe and bite my lips when i feel like yawning. somehow the yawning will go off through nose 😛 like a heavy breathing. hahaha.

    Bit your lips O.o
    I think I will bleed first hahahaha XD

  11. u still better than me …if no comp in front of me i sure yawn all d way ..i even yawning whn meeting wif my Dato MD n all managers….now even yawning not come to 2 min aft 1st yawning while wait 4 a you @ d sch …..

    LOL… you yawn too much lar XD

  12. lol… yea… i yawn all the way when i attend kursus umum last week =.= sooo tired.. wake up at 5.30am… senam pagi at 6am… 7.30 breakfast… then attend class at 8am-10.30am.. have some refreshments… then 11-1pm class again… then lunch time at 1-2pm… 2-4pm class again.. then 4.30 activity again (which most of it will end up using most of our energy running here and there… ) then dinner at 7pm… and class again at 8-10pm(sometimes end at 11pm…) … =.= imagine going trough all this everyday for 2 weeks… huhuhu but all this will have me sah jawatan in gov sector! XD weee!!~~

    Wahhhh that”s so tiring O.o

  13. Yawning is contagious.

    I find it more contagious then a laugh.

    Which is why most of the time I’ll just take a nap instead of forcing myself to stay awake.

    Guess you can only do that if you’re a student. LOL

    Yes T3T
    I always sleep straight when I’m tired in class

  14. p/s: i totally understand ur feelings as i always not getting enough sleep… like, everyday! 😀

    Today is that day again T3T even though it’s Friday d

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