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Yesterday, a colleague from another department came and asked me regarding some matters. While going through her stuffs, she told me that she’s using my latest wallpaper. O.o!!

Normally, I will send my latest wallpaper to my colleagues in my department and force them to use it but this is like the first time someone I know in my real life came to me and told me she’s using my wallpaper on her free will. O.o

I was so shocked at that time and didn’t know how to respond. The only thing going through my head were questions like “How did she knows?? Who told her??  Since when she read my posts??

She read my mind and telling me that a close ex-colleague of mine went around promoting my site in her department.  Free publicity is good but just hope it won’t spread too much and reach my boss and other managers. :/

Oh ya, if any of you’re my colleague, please drop a comment so I will stay away from you. XD Hahaha…

Oh ya, a big thanks to anyone out there who is using my wallpapers 🙂

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  1. I’m oso super fans oooo, I’m using your wallpaper for dekstop and msn layout, then I also copy those cute emoticons. I even like to promote your blog to my friends “)

    Thank you so much !!

  2. hahaha..i use ur wallpaper too…its cute..:-)
    and my kids are always looking forward to ur comics blog..hahahaha..
    (p/s: seems they also addicted like their mommy..kekeke..)

    Oh my god…I so happy your kids like my characters!! 😀
    Oh gosh, hopefully they don’t learn anything bad from my site..

  3. ur blog is already popular especially at my uni. lots of us loves ur comic strip. ^^v lol. cute2. ur posts never fail to make me smile each time i read it. (=^o^=)v

    O.o?! Oh gosh?!
    Which university is that?

  4. u are one of the *most joyous* blog to visit all time, look forward to see more posts from you everyday! maybe i should go and see your download sections . hehe!

    Yes i know how is feeling being *shy* when someone said yes i read your blog.. though im not as famous as you lol!

    Thank you ^^

    Yea, very paiseh right

  5. Haha…that’s cute…I wonder it’s from my ex-department….

    Bwahaha yep! and the one who told her is you :3

  6. Haha I’m using your wallpaper though, but among all the wallpapers, I like your RPG ones the most (I miss your wallpapers wit calendars).

    Bila mau update lu punya msn emotes nie…

    Awww.. so you want the dates on the wallpaper?

    I wanted to but a lot of works XD

  7. Nice. Can see that you’re building your meow brand steadily (from marketing point of view, that’s my major studies btw). Keep pushing your brand and enlarge your fans base, you won’t have trouble looking for customers who will buy your merchandise (shirt, cup, notepad, anything printed with Meow).

    … become millionaire before 28, maybe? 😉

    28? that’s 3 years away XD
    but 2012 comes first T3T

  8. Hie Jian,
    Im a new reader of urs… I finished ur 79 pages of ur blog in 2 days! I found out about ur blog tru timothy tiah.. and i like ur blog and stories very much.. since i have finished all ur 79 pages, i went to ur old blog in blogspot n found out that its only available to invited readers only… i was wondering, is it ok for me to read ur old blog from blogspot? honestly, i cant get enough of ur posts.. hehehee… but if there is something personal in there, then its fine.. understandable… 🙂 Let me know ya… if u grant me access, please add me as ur invited readers to my email.. thanks alot… 🙂

    Woahh thanks for reading all my posts here ^^
    Hmm the old site is closed for good.
    Some more there’s not much comics over there..

  9. I still using your wallpaper which you customise for me for my Sony Ericcson K770i. Still heart the wallpaper. 😀

    Hahaha ^^
    Glad you like it

  10. You actually force your colleagues to use your wallpapers? o.O

    The second last pic is evil yet funny. Haha.

    Hahaha I just send them the wallpapers without saying anything and they put it up themselves XD
    So still consider force right? 😛

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  12. hahaha miao! i promote ur site to my friends too hehehehe. ur wallpaper always makes me smile =D

    Woahhh thanks 😀

  13. Miao!! U should make one wallpaper that is PINK and full of strawberries for me.. hahaha!! I will definitely download it for my wallpaper and even ask my family members all to use it! 🙂

    Pink and full of strawberries eh?

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