A Good day at the Bank

Jian Akiraceo Outdoor 24 Comments

What a coincidence! I actually met one of my favorite local models in the bank. I knew she worked here but never thought she’s still working here and I actually get to meet her in person. XD Very friendly person and very tall too @@.

Good thing I didn’t bring my pay slips with me, now I can go to the bank again. Lol.

Comments 24

  1. hahaha next is to bring 2 month payslip only hahahaha =P

    Bring one first then the next time bring two XD

  2. Did you really say all of your personal information like that? O.o

    No lar XD
    Just for the comic strip effect XD

  3. bro, thanks a lot of the wallpaper (1920*1200) hehe! can see you everyday through my monitor oh… ~shy!

    It’s time to take action oh… ask for phone number (hope she not give her office no)

    Hahaha… take action?

  4. wa……cat become tiger….
    i oso wan to c how she looks like XD

    No lar..
    I’m still a cat…
    Meow.. XD

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