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  1. haha! poor miao. you should just go botak la! =P

    Wahhh want meh..
    I can’t go through the stage when the length is between long and botak.. XD

  2. oh my…this one must be cute……this hairstyle is familiar …cant recall whose this style..

    A korean artist.. Joo Kwon T3T

  3. i also trust my stylist, just ask them to try whatever they like

    Last time he always came up with nice style for me T3T

  4. hahaha… cute mar! ;P
    anyway, i think my stylist hates me too, I’m still waiting for miracle to happen and I get a haircut that I like.

    Try draft out the hairstyle you want for your stylist..

  5. OOOOH! I had that experience before! T^T

    I was getting tired of my super layered hair and decided to TRIM it before continuing my studies. The woman goes ‘smile’ then snip a huge chunk of hair from right under my neck!

    *horrified* @_@ Now I’m super fussy with hairstylist.

    The most scary thing for a hairstylist is his/her customer shows black face after a haircut
    hahahaha XD

  6. hahaha…pity you.~!!
    i had my haricut last 2 weeks..
    n also i asked my hairstylist to let her decide which style is suitable to me..
    but the result……………….OMG!!!!!my hair was so short!!!!!!!!!short short short..~!!
    n after this i dun want any decision from hairstylist anymore..
    so ‘whatever’ style they give me!!!

    Short hair seems to be the latest trend XD
    So is the short hair looking good?

  7. ya…better tell them before hand next time…i oso learned my lesson last time lols…

    But sometimes he came out with surprise hairstyle I like πŸ˜€

  8. with hair like tat how to tackle bank gurl?

    pic of hair pls?

    Hahahah True true..
    Oh wait! I’m not planning to tackle anyone

    Really want pic ar? Shy ler..

  9. awwww poor miao πŸ™
    guys should always let a lady stylist cut and vice versa. then the effect won’t be too bad πŸ™‚

    Hmm..but this stylist understands my hair structure very much..
    For example, he knows that the back of my head cannot cut too short because it will looks weird..

  10. Haha I guess nowadays short at the side is a trend =)
    Come come post a picture for us to see. side view enough ;p

    Yealo.. macam everyone is having the same style..

    Hmm.. maybe i make a hair post later XD post all my hairstyles..

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  12. Hi Miao, mind to show us the photo like previous post?

    I have straight fringe also. This season needs something clean and sleek.

    Will do later πŸ™‚
    after take a pic of it of course

  13. LOL. That always happens when you’re not specific with what you want. I used to do the same and HATE going to the hairsalon. But after I started taking pics of what I hairstyle I want, and tell him/her spefically what I want, then it’s cool. You gotta be detailed~ XD

    What if the hair I show doesn’t suit me?

  14. Should have kept it long and then make into a ponytail. πŸ˜€

    I wanted to!!!!!
    But the rules of my company.. sigh

  15. luckily he din help u cut botak wei. so it means tat he hate u but not very much. LOL jk jk

    I will kill him if he did XD

  16. i prefer botak Miao (just like the rest of the posts)…Miao with hair kinda strange…haha XD

    Hahaha XD

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