Cooking Session with Miao&WafuPafu

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I was so hungry late last night, but instead of going out for supper, I decided to stay home and cooked some snacks. And when I was in the midst of slicing my sausages, a fresh and warm lizard’s poo dropped on my sausages. @@!!!


And I couldn’t find that lizard anywhere.. :/ I bet that fella took off and hid itself as soon as it pooed. O.o


Just you wait! Lizard!!!

One day, I will have my Revenge and pooed on your food for sure!!!

(Hmm…I wondered if this is more like a revenge against the bug or the lizard.. hmm)


On the side note,

A Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhist friends,

A Happy Holiday to everyone who is having holiday today…

and also a Big Happy Birthday to Penje!!

Comments 45

  1. Nice post ever! ^-^

    but why lizard look weird….like square pixelized lizard? haha OMFG the fly look cute….i wanna make it a plushie XD

    Hahahaha very square right? XD
    I think I should make plushies out of all my characters

  2. LOL!!! so ngam!!
    in the last pic means u wanna poo at the fly and let the lizard eat it?!? LOL!!

    Pooing on its food XD

  3. ROFLMAO!! I bet the lizard was aiming at ya’ but missed xD Jk ! >:P Dun revenger wor, ltr the lizard cari gang poo on ur food everyday xD Nice post btw 😀

    Wahhh gang poo @@!!

  4. what the? can’t imagine how in earth you would do that in real life. kkekekeke

    The part of putting a bug in place is hard XD

  5. nice post!! buuuuttttttt
    damn~~!! i hate lizard~~!! *fooobiiiiaaaaaaaa*
    to those lizardz around de world, watch out~~!
    i gonna kill all of u by my M16~~~~~!!!

    Why kill them?
    They help to eat away all the bugs

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  7. For all that he has done in keeping more undesirable things from infesting your life, this is what he gets…


    *feels guilty*

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  10. LOL, you poop on the fly is torture the fly only lor, mati lo, hahahaha
    So funny this one!

    Depends on what the bug is it.. some won’t die

  11. HAHAHAHA! I like how detailed you illustrated the lizard poo! Got the white dot some more!! HAHAHAHA. And poor bug got cuffed and must tahan kena your poo some more before dying/being eaten by the lizard. HAHAAHAHA. OMG you’re SO HILARIOUS!!

    Hahaha I’m still don’t know why there’s a white dot

  12. Wahahahaha!! i think the lizard hungry also la.. it use the poo-poo to marking the part it wan to eat…lolz..XD

    Lol XD like that also can?

  13. wahahahahaha XD

    miao… the fly always go to the shit one… i think the lizard think u would like some of that ‘seasoning’ hahahahaha

    Lol.. free toppings eh?

  14. hey i went to a roadside hawker food for dinner just 2 days ago and while waiting for my food, a bloody bird poo-ed and its product fell right onto my head!! i just bathed before i went dinner samore T____T
    and when i looked up i realised the sky was pretty clear. just 3-4 birds flying around. how lucky huh!

    Wahh that’s soooo ‘lucky’
    Should go buy 4D after it

  15. last time i kena on my hair b4….very gross….T____T

    But compare with the bird’s poo.. (refer to the comment above)
    Lizard’s poo is not as scary as that

  16. I know I should feel sorry for the sausage, but I can’t stop laughing @ Miao’s shocked face in “Shit on food 5” image. :p

    On a sidenote, if Miao really does become a plushie, do inform us! Will definitely snag one myself… it’s so cute! 😀

    Hahahah thank you ^^
    Definitely will let you know

  17. hahahhaa can’t stop laughing at the shocked expression of Miao as well.. really love reading ur blog 🙂

    Well thank you ^^

  18. haAHHAhahAHahahAHhAhahHAHaha !! i LAUGHED real loud when i saw the revenge scene !! U poo-ing on the tiny fly !! HahahahaHAhAHahHAHahha !! The FUNNIEST revenge i’ve ever come across !! hHAHahAHahHHaha !! *ouch* stomach-ache !

    Hehehehe ^^
    thank you for enjoying it

  19. Wah… Funny… Enjoy reading this post… Can’t stop laughing… Thank you Jian… 🙂

    Welcome XD

  20. I can recognize the white+black thingie!!!
    Isshhh!!! I HATE lizard to the MAXXX!!!
    I pray 4 d evil L to disappear fr earth!!!

    I think you will regret on wishing that..
    because they control the population of insect in our world 😛

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