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Hi Mr Mushroom

I wonder when my house owner gonna throw away his garbage. :/

There’s fungus over the stuffs and smells coming out @@..

I’m wanted to help him throw away it but he just doesn’t like others people touching his stuffs… T3T

Now there’s one person who can help me out…

Have anyone seen him?


Miao almost ran into an Accident





Thank God, I didn’t ran into the car. A look away from the road for a second can be very dangerous.

And I was on the main road at that time and didn’t expect the car to come out from the side.


For my readers out there, try to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel if you’re driver ya.

You never know what will pop up in front of your car at the next second.


From now on, I will never look at the roadside ever again (unless I’m not the driver XD )


Stop following Us..


I brought Alex and Jac who visited Melaka last Saturday to the Portuguese Settlement for some seafood. It  was supposed to be a good dinner with some nice food by the seaside over the sunset but some guys just ruined the mood for it.. :/

Upon arriving at the place, two guys walked to us and asked us to go to their stalls. It’s a common thing to see at food centres where hawkers persuade visitors to dine at their own stalls but this hawker is annoying.

He followed us  non stop from the moment we stepped out of our car, even after we rejected him. Not only that he even followed us when we’re trying to have a walk by the sea to kill some time off. T3T

I guess business had been very bad for him to be so desperate for a customer…


In case, you’re waiting for my answer for previous post..

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