I Wanna Go too..

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Both of my Boss and Senior went for vacation leaving alone in my group T3T.

*Envy* *Jealous* I wanna go too..

But being a poor office boy like me, I don’t have the fund to do so. T3T


I have been very busy ever since they left for their trips since there are no one else in the group and everyone else was referring to me for the matters. There were times I wish I could just split in two.. hmm in five, then it would be better. Although I ended up exhausted at the end of the day and collapsed straight on my bed  which explains the slow update but I did learned one or two things by doing stuffs on my own. Learn how to vomit blood. LOL


Anyway, I still want to go travel! RAWR! T3T.

Oyah if you guys haven’t notice.. there is a contest/award thingy at the sidebar –>

I’m not sure what it is but do check it out 😀 as the prize of winning it is a trip to Phuket/HK.

Lol.. I sound desperate =.=

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  1. ><" so bloody scary..a fountain of blood ah…

    but i rather not go on trip this year =P money broken….hehehe

    Why so broke wor?

  2. XD poor miao….I wanted to go travel too..but pocket too tight. =P

    Everyone is having tight pocket ^^”

  3. I literally lol’ed at the last pic. Though as Li Zie said, it IS a little scary.

    Compare to Happy Tree Friends.. it’s still not that scary right

  4. bro, air asia ticket so cheap cheap, just go to take leave form, apply leave, throw to u boss face and tell him you need a holiday! tat’s all! simple as 1, 2, 3!

    LOL.. but I missed the promotion 🙁

  5. Air asia to bali is 100 only, with all surcharge in. Take a break!

    P.S: your drawings are so cute. =)

    So cheap O.o??!

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  7. huhuhu same here… =.= even though now am not that bz… walla usin weh…

    *we need a raise! lol

    Yes we do! but the inflation is higher than the raise :/

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