Like Father Like Son

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so he can keeps all the spices and ingredients for cooking.

But there are just so many that is more that enough.

Last time we used to complain a lot and asked him to throw them away,

but he will always told us it would be such a waste to do that.





I have a lot of used papers in my room.

All these papers are all single side printed with a empty page at the back.

Since I can use the empty part of the paper for my drawing, I tends to keep them.

And now it’s getting more than I can use them.

And funny thing I also feels that it’s a waste to just throw them away. T3T



My dad has this hobby of collecting containersΒ  and now I have this habit of collecting papers.Β  :/

I think I’m getting more like my dad d.

Not sure getting more like my dad is good or bad but at least it proves that I’m his son after all XD

Too bad I did not manage to go back for Father’s Day.. again T3T.

(If you’re wondering, my dad is a cartoon dog as he likes dogs more than cats. =.= )

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  1. hahahaha… cute father.. and that… is it a panda dog? lol.

    which also means… sometimes you cat fight with your father eh? hahaah.

    I’m a good cat XD
    Always run away lol

  2. dad is polar bear?? o.O tell me if its real XD

    haha me too, i always draw on recycled paper but sometimes feel heavy wanna throw those..haiz… i understand how u feel coz we are in same shoes… but i sometimes blurry, collecting stuffs to throw away without checking one by one…when i wanna review my drawing, i found its gone T3T

    It’s a polar dog lol XD

    Wahhhh exactly like me XD

  3. lolx….i look to collect bottles and boxes!!mum always ask y did i buy so many water bottles since i’ve a cabinet of it!!

    LOL XD what you do with them?

  4. lol i hate cats but i love ur blog =.=”
    anyway its a gud thing to keep those papers. even if u duwan them then send for recycling πŸ™‚

    Why thank you ^^ hehehe

  5. nvr tot of your dad as a cartoon dog instead of a white cat with a huge nose which can also represent moustache. πŸ˜›

    Seriously i think i need to improve my dog drawing hahaha

  6. agree wif miao~~
    last time i also keep blank papers / papers tat only used on 1 side so tat i tot i can use it later on for drawing =x

    Exactly hahahah

  7. getting old la tu miao πŸ˜›
    got 1 time my dad brought home few paper boxes, filled with used papers from his office, then he gave it to us. for what? rough paper for maths. study ughhhh T_T

    LOL sounds like my dad hahaha

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  9. I have both habits, keeping containers and used papers. Somehow I feel it’s a waste to throw them away without re-using them at least once

    Same here :/

  10. Lol, I thought it’s polar bear. Hehe… Maybe can recycle the papers if really too much?

    Will send it after I filled them in a box or something ^^

  11. hahahaha, i have a best friend that likes to keep papers which one side of the paper is empty. she collects them to use it for drawings. most of my unwanted papers, i have “donated” to her. think of it that way, you are recycling paper..or saving the trees..or saving money to get more paper..or something… πŸ™‚

    yeah πŸ˜€
    Saving the trees and moneys..

  12. haa… why not you recycle the papers and ask your dad to recycle the bottles? I too have the habit of keeping papers… :p

    I do keep bottles too LOL

  13. Haha..i am just same as to collect ‘rubbish’. Always feel so guilty when throwing them away.. So, my room is full with a lot of stuff~ Hahaha!

    Bwahaha i think you can make tonnes of money from them

  14. I collect plastic bags. Hah.

    Your dad is so cute! My mom collects containers from Tupperware. She just can’t stop buying em’.

    So the more she buys, the more she left it to collect dust.

    Lol tupperwave fans XD

  15. Gp Green as much as we can, try save our poor earth before its too late….lets recycle every thing ..

    I think it’s kinda too late d..
    The gov is cutting like no one business :/

  16. i always collect ‘used’ stuf too..containers, papers, plastic/paper bags, etc. etc. in hopes that i can reuse it later. hahaha…

    Hahaha everyone are the same.. having that hope of reuse it ^^

  17. u might want to be careful…hoarding papers and in a months time, u might not even see the floor of your room! hehe

    Bwahahahahaha XD
    and maybe can’t even see my feet

  18. Simple! Just keep half of the stack of papers, and sell the rest. then use the money to get urself some fan-uber-tastic sketch book! πŸ˜›

    Yahoh sell half of them away..

  19. you draw your dad so so so cute!!!!! more cute than miao miao yourself! Hahahahah! Good job!

    my office also got alot of used papers, maybe when work until stress that time can fold paper planes and fly in office, lol. ^^

    Dad is new design sure looks better πŸ˜›

  20. lols la. i also use one side empty papers to write or do my work. sometimes i even reuse papers written with pencil by using pen to write over it. hahaha my friends cant stand me hahaha

    Hahaha rewrite with pen XD
    That’s a level higher! πŸ˜€

  21. funny ~~!

    hmmmm! damn~

    i miss my dad…=/
    ……!! aftr my stepmum ..!!
    im not close wit my dad anymore,,!!

    I miss my dad too..
    How come?
    Try ask him out for a drink w/o your stepmum

  22. loll, i do the same with “artsy” stuff. I’m like oo, I can use this for my next arts and craft project! and i just have way more than i can use in a million years! =_=

    Hahahaha.. but it’s still good to keep them than throw them away

  23. Haha.. Very funny, can’t help but notice something. Sta-tis-fy -> satisfy. Guess which picture? Hehe…

    Bawahaha good eyesight!
    Sorry for the typo error

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