RM5 for a Bone

Jian Akiraceo Rant 22 Comments

The other day, I went to try out this new Asam Fish stall nearby my house for my dinner. When my food came, I was very happy to see the big portion of asam fish in the bowl.

Usually people will only give a small portion and charged you RM5 for that small piece. I thought the boss was very generous until I found out the whole portion was a fish bone. :/ It’s a big freaky bone with only 10% of it was fish meat. T3T. I ended up eating white rice with the soup.

And he charged me RM5 for that.. :/ and I paid quietly in tears.

Don’t know why I did not complain to him…maybe I should. Hm…

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  2. oh my god..like that…sure i would complain..RM5 for too little meat…! and report to user club…!

    Really like no meat at all T3T

  3. morning miao.

    omg. remember this. customer always right. you shall ask politely after this. never let them cheats you, k.

    I looked like a customer that easy to bully T3T

  4. Don’t count your chicks before they hatch! XD rofl~ But maybe you should’ve complained. My mom usually gets a lot better service no matter where she goes after she complains (well… if there’s anything to complain about, of course).

    Woahh.. nexxt time should follow your mum out XD

  5. Fish have big bones? O_o

    You should have at least mentioned it while paying, I think.

    It’s one big fish XD
    He gave me the centre part of the fish where there’s this big back bone there..

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  7. too late to regret… u shud ask the boss about it…

    just take that as a lesson and next time dun go to that shop again.. blacklist it.. lol =)

    Already blacklisted hahaha XD

  8. Well, this is the Internet. Leave us the shop name and the address and we will happily boycott it for you :p

    I don’t have the name of the shop.. 🙁
    maybe give him a second chance.. 😛

  9. Rawr rawr! You should complaaaaaaaain. But if you’re anything like me; I’ll just timid up too. (>”<) Next best thing is to blacklist it.

    Go second time, if they're still scamming, leave it to the internet to send it to its rightful doooooom. 😀

    *caffeine overdose* Pardon the giddiness. LOL.

    I don’t wanna go d.. it’s not that nice too XD

  10. the stall is left hand side 1 or right hand side 1 if we stand at the \tau fu hua\ stall???

    =.= i said it’s nearby my house..
    pasang borong is like far far from my house..

  11. hahahaha last time i got scammed too….. there is this shop… in their menu said ‘mee goreng ayam – rm4.00’…. and ‘mee goreng special – rm5.00’…. and so of coz the mee goreng special look sooo special… and guess what… the ‘special’ for that mee goreng is the skinny chicken wing =.=…. should have gone for mee goreng ayam instead…

    I kena that before T3T

  12. wwwwhhhoooaaaahh~~~!!!!so cruel..~!!..juz let the owner eat that big bone mmmaaa…~!!put that bone into his mouth~~Rm 5 juz for the bone..crazy~miao,u shud leave the restaurant without paying…hahahahah.~

    Lol your suggestion sounds much more cruel hahahha XD

  13. I won’t complain. I try not to complain in a place that sell food. You don’t know even if they serve you another piece of fish, does that fish got ‘extra ingredient’ or not. Just don’t go back to the same place again.

    I only speak up when there is a insect in the food.

    Extra ingredients O.o ?!!
    *starts imagine things*

  14. I like the way you draw the boss’ “smile”, looks like an evil grin, haha! And I thought you should like the bone since you’re a cat? XD

    Cat likes meat more than bones T3T
    The media is misleading people that cats like bones..

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