Not All the Cats Land on their Feet.

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Thank God! Luck was on my side and saved me from banging my head.

At that very moment, I really thought I gonna banged my head on the floor. I even tasted blood in my mouth during the fall. No idea why, maybe it’s something like where you feel sour by only looking at a lemon.

The moral of the story: Stand properly while waiting for someone. Don’t simply sit on a metal bar as you might fall and die. :/

And wearing a dress is not a good thing. =.=

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  1. LOL…. What an imagination of the gymnastic part… salute for your creative imagination… Can continue drawing crayon shin chan’s series… Way to go, Kuching-nang… 🙂

    Thanks 😛

  2. wwwwaaahhh.. what a lucky day…next time dun try to seat on the metal bar..~!!huhuhuh..~!!so how’s ur butt..????hehehehehe

    Cushioned butt was okay but I twisted my arm.. :/

  3. wakakaka!! miao’s imiginations damn funny~~!
    i never stand while waiting 4 someone..!! ^.^
    coz im prefer sitting in car wit air-cond while waiting~~! G_G

    Yerrr so nice..

  4. omg hahahhaa. were the people staring?
    Normally i want to sit on metal bars too but im too short so can’t reach T_T
    A lot!
    it was soo embarrassing

  5. wut u fren say??

    any1 saw it?? XD

    All the queued up people saw it T3T
    my friend just ask whether did i hurt myself

  6. LOL 😀 hahahaha.. that was really funny.. the more i see ur comics, the more i like u and ur website ~~ jia you jia you!

    Woahh thank you ^^

  7. eh i know. its like u think ure gonna die then suddenly everythg came into ur mind right. but i went blank when the “death” was coming once i was in taxi almost had head-on collision with a speeding lorry that was cutting cars at double lines. then when we escaped(barely!) all the thoughts came rushing into my mind.scary!!

    Yeahh.. suddenly they all popped up..
    I had this before last time when I almost got hit by a cat..

    Omg!! that’s scary!
    Thank God you’re okay now

  8. poor miao…. must be more embarassed than hurt,rite?

    luv ur imagination part….hahaha..n the last bit is simply hilarious…

    True T3T

  9. ehhh, dun imagine of going to heaven, later it will become reality… not so good lar…i suggest u better try to imagine a strong princess rescues you from the fall XD

    Hahahaaha XD a strong princess with six packs LOL

  10. that is really funny.
    maybe that is the “hint” that you should pay the ticket… >.<
    luckily your okay! hehehee~

    Hints that I should stay away from teh machine XD

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  12. Hahahahaha ah miao you ar…. Next time practice more i think then you can join the olympics! XD

    Bwahahah not so soon.. Sukma first! XD

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