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Just like that. No apology nothing. Not only he did not showed any sense of sorry, he even gave us theΒ  annoyed look that we’re making trouble with him where he’s the one who served us a plate of well cooked blue-black centipede. He kept on telling us it’s not a big deal, it’s just a centipede. :/

IMO, he should have gave us either an explanation or an apology for the mishandling/mistake. At least make us confident to eat at his place again in near future and no telling us it’s free of charge and trying to brush us off, right?

Anyway, luckily, my colleague noticed the centipede before putting it in her mouth. Only God knows whether the centipede is poisonous or not.

Maybe we should asked the boss eat it when he kept on telling us it’s nothing. Hahaha… Oh ya, we boycotted the shop.




Kyoru & his centipede, Cen from KoudaMainFrame.




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  1. hello…i am kinda lost…what is it about? =/

    T3T sorry….
    It’s about a centipede in my colleague’s Nasi Lemak…

    I tried not to put narration under each image but seems like it’s not a good idea.. πŸ™

  2. They should not only refund but also another free meal and everything eaten on that day should be on top the roof!

    Don’t think he will do that since he already not happy when giving 1 dish free of charge.

  3. I’ve seen hairs and baby cockroach in the economic rice…
    The caterer was like… same case like urs.

    There was a worse case I;ve ever heard…
    Handiplast in the ‘char siu pao’.


    Lol.. the pao is bleeding XD

  4. Just curious if what you saw was a centipede or a milipede? I know most people can’t tell the difference and use the terms interchangeably.



    Knowing the difference is important because centipedes do bite humans and their bites are venomous. Not fatal, but still irritating.

    Hahaha don’t worry..
    I comes from Sarawak.. and can differentiate both of them easily πŸ˜€

  5. confuse but very cute tho πŸ˜€
    hopefully miao miao can update everyday πŸ˜€ too cute liaw.

    I wish so too..
    I will try my best..
    currently my job is killing me πŸ™

  6. IF that’s the case (no big deal), your colleague should ask the owner/waiter/chef to eat the centipede to prove it…

    That’s what we thought too.. but we d left the place..
    Will do that in future.. XD

  7. a simple sorry at least will do. eh if it was me, it wont do hahahhaa. ill surely kepoh to all to boycott the restaurant πŸ˜›

    A simple sorry might do but no sorry is a death penalty XD

  8. Walao, blue-black coloured centipede no big deal? Seriously need to boycott that restaurant.

    I’m from Melaka although not at Melaka now. Never heard that See Boon restaurant before, seems like I need to be careful when eating around Melaka Baru.

    It’s an air-conditioned coffee shop.. not really a restaurant..

  9. my colleague oso cham that day….found a fly fried together with the chicken at some famous fast food place that is known for its finger licking good chicken :p

    Fly in such a famous fast food chain restaurant :/

  10. i once found a fly in steam egg while eating chap fan. but centipede is crawling de, wonder how it got into the food… crawl up the kuali? then drop in?

    Steam fly egg XD

    I also have no idea.. suicide maybe XD

  11. we’ll boycott the shop at the same time i will tell all my relatives and frens not to eat in tat shop again in future… centipede might be poisonous, muz take tis very serious..

    We’re boycotting the place :/

  12. A Nasi Lemak ‘Special’ that I’ll definitely never order!!!

    Think you could’ve actually reported to Health Ministry and Consumer association. The store operator wasn’t hygienic and careful in food preparation.

    Yea.. I told my friend to repor to them

  13. next time, take a picture of the centi and oso the shop name together. then it can be an evidence to sue to health dept… or u blog out this shop~~~~ hehehe…

    We did took the pictures . πŸ˜€

  14. Should take a picture of the centipede, post it in the blog and also lodge a formal complaint at
    I got a baby cockroach in my curry noodle at Txxxg Sxxi House at Cheng. The boss didn’t apologize (although she reluctantly return the money that had been paid) and give the same look that we are looking for trouble and keep mentioning her place is very clean cafe.

    Yea.. clean.. safe… ask her explain the baby cockroach

  15. haha no big deal.i had cockroach,rubberband,maggot,fly and hair in my hostel food big deal.and they dont care even if we and we paid for it πŸ™

    Wah… you guys should just left..

  16. oh i rmb not too long ago there was a news abt this supervisor who swallowed a cockroach/sumthg that was found on the customer’s meal to dispose of evidence.dont really rmb but i think it was in china.and he told the customer its ok, just a cockroach, and swallowed it.hahahha bravo.

    That’s a brave bboss XD

  17. complain it to the authorities… biar that shop tutup kadai! i wonder what that shop owner eat at home?…

    Maybe centipede?

  18. O_O

    OMG it’s me and sen!!! XD

    You draw the two of us better than I do. So fuggin cute. Haha.

    No lar..Nothing beats the original πŸ˜€

  19. OMG!!!! for me, i will make noise and complaint till the boss apology to me!

    Last time i also found a small nail (still alive) in my salad in well dining restaurant…… so terrible!


    Snail izzit?
    Woah that’s means it’s pesticide free πŸ˜€

  20. yewwwww, watz d name of the shop that u went to….feel nausea when think of centipede in my meal *puke*

    Imagine.. it’s blue black XD

  21. hahahaha..
    you’re so funny..
    it’s usually happen to me..
    many times!
    and i feel so *^%$##)*&$*$(#)*#$&#&*

    sorry.. actually i cry and the waiter change my food to a new one.. haha..
    but instead, i still eat the food right!
    huaaaaaaaa…. (ToT)

    Wahhh :/
    So bad luck 1

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