Something Crossed the Street..

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Update:  Click the “Read the rest of the entry” for the answer.

Come and guess what did Miao actually saw!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Click the “Read the rest of the entry” to see the answer.

Wahhh thanks a lot for the guesses 😀

But seems like everyone missed out something…

Something you always see dead on the road..

It’s green with flippers and hops around!

That’s it!!!



A Frog!!!

(The only difference is my Frog does “The Matrix”)


Thank God it was a frog and not something scary like a primary kid with school bag or a lady in white in the middle of night.. Jeng Jeng Jeng :/

Don’t you think it’s scary when there’s two people and one happened to see something and the other one did not.. :/

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  1. walau luckily it was only a frog. i was wondering how you’d draw a ghost… probably the first cute cartoon ghost ever. would make ppl want to see more ghosts instead wtf haha.

    might turn out so cute that it’s not scary XD

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  3. *replying to my previous comment’s reply*

    Erm… I think is almost adult monkey… not too big, not too small >.<

    Teenage eh

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