Miao almost ran into an Accident

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Thank God, I didn’t ran into the car. A look away from the road for a second can be very dangerous.

And I was on the main road at that time and didn’t expect the car to come out from the side.


For my readers out there, try to keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel if you’re driver ya.

You never know what will pop up in front of your car at the next second.


From now on, I will never look at the roadside ever again (unless I’m not the driver XD )

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  1. i thought it was gonna be another eerie episode continued from the previous one. xD and this time it really is pontianak. HHAHAA

    Hahahaha really pontianak XD just that not in white..

  2. ask wafu pafu to drive lar
    my first motor accident also happen when i look away to see wat the hawker sell at the roadside, then bang~ phewww~

    Wahh what did you banged into?

  3. LOL…next time dun simply get distracted by pretty gals k?
    drive carefully, life no take 2….

    Next time don’t dare to look away d

  4. wait till u sneeze while driving especially at high speed. even more scary and dangerous.

    Happened before..
    very dangerous also @@

  5. tats da bad thing to be the driver T.T… everytime my frens were like :
    “ei ei got hot chicks there”
    “wow look at the funny building”
    “nice sport car wei”

    …and i cant look at whatever they were pointing at T.T (unless is in front lol)

    Hahaha next time put a rule saying all passengers must not interfere the driver XD

  6. haha its remind me the situation almost same like miao..i think not only boys will become like that..girl also same =p

    p/s: btw this my 1st comment on this blog..i love miao so cute..=D

    Thank you for your comment!! Do drop more in future ya ^^

    Girls also? looking at guys?

  7. this happened to me sooo many times! there was once when i almost dozed off coz too tired. we all have to be veeery careful 🙂

    Wahh that’s dangerous.. dozing off is something unexpected.

  8. ffffffffuuuuuhhhhh…lucky you miao..~!!

    i will stare at a hottie guy crossing by the sreet while i’m driving…hehehe..~!!

    Becareful weii!!

  9. well basically is yes..not only boys look at girl..
    girls also look at boys =p
    and girls also look at the other girls (depends)

    Girls looks at everything XD

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