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  1. Have you ever thought of publishing your comics in newspaper? (can earn $$$, hehehe)

    Hahaha it require a lot of drawings and luck XD

  2. i bet u also learn how to open ur house door with juz a flick of a finger? =P hahahaha nice technics =D

    With a blink of an eye

  3. My dad drives like F1 driver when his shit coming out also. I laughed at him when I was young, until one day I experienced it myself..

    Near death experience I tell you. I am glad I am still alive to share this story.

  4. wahahahahhaha shit funny!!!! I had that too and it’s really really “cham”!!!!!
    i hate that feeling.

    the face also turns green

  5. Ouch! must be a vry hard time..huhu~ thats why i dun like the traffic at big city~ hahaha..

    I’m not even in a big city..
    a car just happen to broke down :/

  6. LOL! I cant get of wat are u paining for at first… so it’s poo poo. Yea, stuck in the middle no jamban to search for, for sure very cham O.O

    hehehe ^^

  7. oh poor miao…too much of ‘tahan-ing’ skill is not good for health oh…becareful….

    p/s: i hate traffic JAMS too….

    Ya I know 🙁

  8. release your tension~
    maio i want learn it too…..
    got lot of preasure nowadays…


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