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Sometimes it really makes you feel unfair. At one side, you can be so busy that you don’t even have time to go to the toilet but on the other side can be so free and relax that they can sit down in the office drinking tea, surfing facebook, chating while waiting to go back.

Funny thing is the busy side could not request for extra help/people but the relaxed side is hiring more. XD

Sorry, I just have to rant today 😛

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  1. *patpat* Otsukaresama deshita =)!
    Sleep more, it’s only 4:47am X__X;;!!

    Tomorrow (today) will be a brand new day yeaaaahhhhhhh~~~!!


  2. Yeah, it’s really unfair. While we were busy, burning midnight oil and panic about deadlines, the others seems to be ‘selamba’ only, fb all night, playing games, go for movies and taking it slow. ’cause they have only 1% (well,maybe more) of what we have in our hands! NO FAIR!!!!!!! GARRRR!!!!! pek cek.

    Sigh.. life 🙁

  3. ooo yeah~ i do understand how u feel…thats why i hate working… =(

    Almost everyone hates it too XD

  4. lolz….
    same department?
    ur seniors?

    if those above……is completely normal d

    Different team…

  5. this entire world is unfair…. i understand ur feelings miao. ur hard work will pay off…. just hope that ur boss is not \blind\… 🙂

    LOL the hard work won’t pay off.. that’s why lor..

  6. I feel d same way too.. Imbalance….
    N when some of d colleagues who came n ask : y r u so hardworkin ah?
    I feel like wanna choke them!!!
    So, chill~

    HAhahaha i understand you XD
    It’s not like we want to be hardworking..
    just the things are too much..

  7. At least Miao didn’t bite A & B’s head off for slacking at work. XD
    Goood Miao… Remember that life isn’t fair just controversial

    Hahah they are not slacking just no work XD

  8. ya, life is unfair…my working environment is even worst, d senior2 alwiz think they are better than us(the junior) and take things for granted n skipping their responsibilities (skipping classes). grrrr…..
    i think they better ‘pencen’ early n save our taxes….

    Fuwah.. cool down cool down

  9. seems like it happens at every job thn…. mine as well… they talk talk talk talk then complain that it is v busy.. when they never do anything!

    Yeah.. It’s everywhere..

  10. pity miao… request to switch to the relax side so you can surf facebook and drink tea too? XD

    Ehh no thank you XD

  11. Feeling the same thing here. Finishing all assignments alone even i asked the teamates to help. It’s irritating when one of them came to ask me why his game is not functioning, while i was doing assignments which were not finished before due date.. RAWRRR!!!

    WTF!! Poke his eyes!!!
    Or just dropped his name out of the assignment group..

  12. eh i saw u in a garena dota room lol

    Ehh it’s not me..
    I don’t play Dota for 4-5 years d..
    And I don’t even have a Garena account XD

  13. You don happen to be in the accounts dept? That’s the busiest dept with closing to do every month. If you are not, then you are luckier than them.

    Lucky I’m not.. they work like 24/7 :/

  14. sighs, i know what you mean. Happens to me everyday and when these ppl are asked for help by others, they claim to be busy..

    busy… talking! =(

    Yours much worse… :/

  15. wahaha ~ i help u to complain to ur boss bah ! i just got to know that you are working in the same company as my friend … hihihi ! maybe my friend is the “B” characted in your comic ! hahahaha !!

    Maybe he looks like me, sounds like me.. but he’s not me. 😀

  16. life is unfair sometimes… but dun give up ya miao! u got us give u mental support here =D

    Hahah thanks 😀

  17. If you need a slave to help! Hire me!! FOC, as long as I can eat during lunch time! yay!!

    Wahhh so nice !! Thanks !!

  18. Daijobu miao miao 🙂 we are here to get u relax.. just don feel stressed of blogging!!!!! Miao we love you ^^

    Sometimes I do.. 😛

  19. hahahaha well… it’s always like that…i used to got that feeling too… but after i got transfer back to sabah… am the one ‘goyang kaki’ here hehehe. not that much work =P

    anyway my point is that… deal with it.. and soon(i hope) u’ll get something more then juz to spend time relex =)


    Hahaha good for you!! 😀
    Thanks!! I will!!

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