Holding Hands

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Oh damn. It’s just a dream but it feels so real. Really feels like I’m back in hometown and that’s also when I realize I’m dreaming as I don’t remember when I actually go back to Kuching.. and there’s no night market at my place. XD

One thing for sure.. she’s not the same girl from my previous dream. And they are not anyone I knew of in real life. WTF..I feel likes a playcat. Lol.. XD

Anyway, did you guys had this kind of dream before?

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  1. Yea Yea.. Haha I thought Miao got gf already… who knows it’s a dream lol! XD Hope miao will has another life partner in ur blog soon.. 🙂

    can don’t want so soon?

  2. most likely you met that girl some where before.

    I once read that everyone in your dreams is someone you have met before, conscious or unconsciously, since our brain is unable to create/imagine a human face while dreaming.

    So….pay attention next time when walking down the streets! You might meet her again…for real!

    Hahaha i doubt I will remember XD

  3. Haha Kesian Miao Miao – There’s always a next time & BETTER luck !! May the dream comes true

    Hahaha hopefully not so soon

  4. Haha~ so cute!! Love reading your “comic”. XD

    Better beware, maybe “she” is somewhere else or either person around you. ^^

    Hahaha I gonna bring some dogs with me.. just in case lol

  5. AWWWW cuteness overload! i’m sure you were smiling in your dream lol.
    i get this type of dream sometimes too xD

    Hahaha I can’t remember..
    maybe i was crying..

  6. The next thing you know… is she’s for real 😀

    That would be creepy hahha
    What if some girl out there having the same dream lol

  7. GG, hope u’ll get ur \dream cat\ soon Miao lol….
    actually u’re impressing a lot of girls with ur cute Miao comic. 😛

    Hahaha why so soon.. i dont want! 😛

    Not really.. 😛

  8. i oso got that dream before leh don worry, that might be future wor~ who knows there's a new night market in kuching XD

    But I more prefer it to be a dream 😀

  9. well, i used to have those kind of dreams a lot, about the same girl…
    but its been more than a year since the last time T__T i miss her

    Same girl??!!

  10. i nearly fooled by u! 😀 i still thought Miao’s blog will have a new character, Ms. Miao GF soon… awww….. go get one now!

    Impossible ! XD

  11. Very ‘cha dou’ lorh reading this post!

    If your dream could be so real, means that its gonna happen soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

    Nah.. I always hv this kind of dream XD

  12. Miao, since it is a dream, just go a step further like kiss and hug her lol…

    Lock wafu and pafu in the cage so they don’t come and disturb… :p

    Hahahaha shy in dreams too

  13. if in that case… pretendin wafu & pafu not around continue dream….

    XD it’s hard to get back to the same dream

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