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  1. yuppie…i hate MONDAY so i nicknamed it MONDAY THE KILLER..always never be my favourite day!~

    Everyone hates monday.. XD

  2. totally know how that feels 🙁

    miao miao i miss the fruity drink from jonker! tapau some for me when u come down KL teehee

    Fruity drink??
    I can’t remember XD
    What’s that?

  3. u should blame wafu and pafu for reminding you it’s monday. they should have just let you be .. and you would continue hugging ur pillow and feel happy the whole day. Hahaha ~

    If I don’t need to work T3T

  4. hahaha.. me too me too.. i also felt the same everytime.. the weather is just so good that i really wish to continue sleeping but too bad its weekdays @.@

    T3T I miss university life..

  5. I wake up almost every morning, feeling the exact same way!

    So sad lah when that happens, sometimes I just feel like skipping class and slop back to bed.

    But then again, good things happen too when you get up from the bed. XD

    Just skip it !!!!!!
    Hahahaha XD

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