The Traffic Lights Bully Me

Jian Akiraceo Rant 29 Comments

Short Notes: Sorry for the 4 back-to-back ads, I never thought they will scheduled them back to back like this. :/

I’m truly sorry. I will avoid something like this in the near future.

Every time I’m in a rush, either the traffic lights will all turn Red orΒ I will bump into a slow driver. :/

From a bit late into a lot late. T3T

like a hobby or something. =.=

Comments 29

  1. You need Tony Stark’s handheld device to hack those traffic lights! Just knew Miao’s car is white in colour! What car and what plate number? *Evil laugh*

    Its M I A O. XD

  2. Malacca is FAMOUS for it’s traffic lights … =__+ have to pass through at least 4 traffic light just to reach a less than 1km destination !! Especially the ong kim wee road towards the mahkota bridge stretch of road =__= !!

    And bumps!!!

  3. lol.. tis cheer me up (i’m not tryin to be mean all rite ;p), but sometimes i’m kinda ‘suei’ too, at least i know i’m not alone,haha.. or mb we r jus became particular v such issues when v r in a hurry, small matter which we dun usually giv a damn with will suddenly stand out, eventually it drive us nuts..
    anyway,best of luck dear ^^

    hahaha true true XD

  4. haha~ i think is the system~~~ tru my eperience the probability of bumping into another red light after ur first is very high~ ^^

    As long as you skipped the first one then all will skip right

  5. Don’t worry bout the ads miao, ur ads is probably the most fun to read in the blogosphere, what with all the comic and stuff.. hahaha

    Thank you T3T I will try to make it as entertaining as possible

  6. Hahaha~ this always happen..when u on rush..the traffic light all turns red..lolz..

    Like on purpose right?

  7. The logicl reasoning behind multiple reds (or multiple greens) is that if you bump into alternating colours, it will result in a bottleneck, and nobody moving at all.

    If you want to save some petrol, sit by the roadside until the cycle is about halfway through green and you’ll be fine.

    Then all will be green and smooth eh

  8. *laugh*
    it’s happen to me too

    Not like we wanted to be late right πŸ˜›

  9. Well, it happened to me once :p

    Can’t help it, once stuck with a red light, we’ll stuck with all red lights ’till we reach the destination.

    Next time gonna camp and wait for green light XD

  10. ahahahha.. the morning mood always becomes the mood for the day or the mood after that. if u’re late, the traffic lites will play tricks on u. if u’re too early, all green all the way. haha

    Sooo true!!!

  11. life’s like that πŸ™‚
    everythg seems to be coming into ur way when u have something to do.

    So true!
    I’m facing it right now

  12. hey this is kinda out of topic, but why didn’t you say anything about designing the uchiwa (fan) for Bon Odori Ipoh 2010? was kinda surprised when i saw “miao & wafupafu” on the uchiwa, i immediately bought one XD

    Low profile πŸ˜›
    wahh thanks for the support!!

  13. couldn’t agree more with u…. i have to go through a lot of traffic light in my route to work everyday. it’s all bout luck, sometimes πŸ˜‰

    How far is it?

  14. Sometime I have it all the way red lights but sometime I’ll be lucky and have all the way green lights. I think it’s about the timing lol.

    Yeah, its all about the timing

  15. This is soooo true! I’ve read this before but coming back here coz just this morning, the exact same thing happened to me. Can I put this on my blog please? Promise I’ll link and credit you!

    Sure thing πŸ™‚

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