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Seriously, it was so hard. I was trying to learn the first and basic sound, B (which sounds like saying the word “boot”) but I ended up having all the saliva all over my laptop screen :/

Then I thought of using a multitrack acapella method but I was so bad with it. In the end, I gave up and purposely make it bad. XD hahaha…

Anyway, I found out something else while doing this video…

I sounds  so bad.

The voice I usually hear when I talk and the sound I recorded is sooooooo much different and the recorded voice is the real voice other people hears from me. :/

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  1. Check out my Munchy’s Muzic video. After I finished editing only realized, I didn’t read the instruction carefully as I didn’t used my mouth to do the beat boxing. -.-” wasted my time. Sigh!

    Make another one :D..

  2. LOL. I also triend to learn beatboxing few days ago. Success in basics then epicly failed at the hard ones D: Awww. Jia you dude ! 🙂

    So hard ler T3T
    and my beatbox sounds so fake..

  3. No No,
    Ur recorded voice will sound totally off due to some transmission distortion which i myself cant explain. Meaning, what you heard from da recorded version WILL NOT be da same as what others hearing when u speaking live (real voice)….seriously… y i know?i sounded bad recording myself too…HAHA to me….

    I see.. but my friends told me i sound exactly like the recorded sound..
    🙁 I thought I sound better

  4. We hear ourselves differently because our voice goes straight to the inner ear through the vibration of the jawbone and cranium in addition to coming through the earlobes, auditory ‘tunnels’ and eardrums. others hear only the projected part of our voice.

    This is what I love bout my readers 😀
    Thank you so much for the detailed explanation ^^

  5. haha.. i dont know if it just miao or it’s really a trend nowadays. last time u did a video about imitating a sound, and this time beatbox? hahahaa.. pity wafu pafu then..

    Actually I was referring to that video.. I was trying to do beatbox back then but failed XD wahahaha

  6. Beatboxing is only a little hard in the beginning because your mouth is not used to the position you need to make to make sounds.

    I know I sounded really bad initially too. Just a little practice and determination and you are on your way~

    It sounds so funny right XD
    I need to close my doors so no one hears it XD

  7. me too love to record my voice..hahaha..it was kind of interesting activities while i had a lot of leisure time…but it sounds horrible…hahahaha..~!!!

    Hahaha what are you recording for?

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  9. lols… I get wat u mean Miao… I love to sing and although I don’t think I’m extremely good… I don’t think my singing voice will make people run away from me with their ears covered (I used to love goin up on stage on open mike night so since no customer run away I tink still ok rite?)… It wasn’t until 2yrs ago I tried recording my own voice… n I was like… WTF… sound so different one… dun jive wit d actual sound I hear in my voice… after dat I refused to continue singing… 🙁
    N I aso scolded all my family n frens for deluding me into thinking I have a nice singing voice… It wasn’t until my bestie (who used to jam in bands n record albums) told me it’s because the device we use to record is not sensitive enough to pick up the actual tone. coupled with noise in the air the voice becomes totally different… If you’ve been in a recording studio (or seen on MTV) u can see they have a soundproof glass seperating the recording room and the mixing room (I tink dat’s wat it’s called)… plus the mic we used to record have a black filter thingy aso… n it has a purpose (altho I dunno wat) n not jz for glamour…
    Hahaha… sorry for such a long post… but d reason I knew all this was cos a fren who was cutting a new album needed some female vocals and he asked me 2 help with some of the songs… n wen I listened back 2 d recording… it was more or less wat I’m used to hearing… Hope dis helps… 🙂

    Woahh thanks for the explanation 🙂

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