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Holding Hands

Oh damn. It’s just a dream but it feels so real. Really feels like I’m back in hometown and that’s also when I realize I’m dreaming as I don’t remember when I actually go back to Kuching.. and there’s no night market at my place. XD

One thing for sure.. she’s not the same girl from my previous dream. And they are not anyone I knew of in real life. WTF..I feel likes a playcat. Lol.. XD

Anyway, did you guys had this kind of dream before?


Let Miao Rant

Sometimes it really makes you feel unfair. At one side, you can be so busy that you don’t even have time to go to the toilet but on the other side can be so free and relax that they can sit down in the office drinking tea, surfing facebook, chating while waiting to go back.

Funny thing is the busy side could not request for extra help/people but the relaxed side is hiring more. XD

Sorry, I just have to rant today 😛


Miao Learns the Forbidden Skill

This is also when you mastered the ancient long lost forbidden KungFu skill..

The Star Sucking Skill..literally.

Seriously, I think that’s the only thing you can do in this case :/

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