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Who are you?

My dad can’t regconized me. T3T


That day, my dad went and fetched me up from the airport. He was standing just right outside of the entrance, so I walked to him but he didn’t recognize me at all T3T. I wondered izzit because of the 9cm-tall-standing hair or I just being away for too long..


Home Sweet Home~

Weeeeeeeeeeee I’m back in my hometown at last but for 5 days only :/

Regardless, I’m so gonna eat like a Garfield during this 5 days in Kuching.

Wakakakaka… XD

Well.. that’s all for now.. I better go get some awesome Sarawak food!!


Miao encountered a Momok ?

Yesterday evening, I was in my boss’s room and heard someone was playing the flute. And he/she was practicing to it as that person kept on missing the notes.. It was pretty strange as no one could be playing a flute in the office and my office (factory) is in the middle of the industrial zone. There’s nothing here beside factories.. :/

Not sure it was a momok or not but the first thing I had in mind was to blog about this strange encounter XD . Hahahaha bloggers…

Btw, Momok = Ghost..a term I learned from somewhere sometime I can’t remember..

Oh ya, momok, please don’t come and find me .. T3T

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