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  1. haha. well… i have been to guys toilet – mistakenly – many times. and i have guys eyes looking at me.

    HAHA. but with my new haircut, people will just look at me as a boy.

    I been to girls toilet mistakenly before too …
    but only at the entrance I realized and turned away XD

    Short haircut eh?

  2. hahahah its ok. once i was using the bathroom and someone opened the door cos it had 2 doors and i locked only one of them T___T

    Oh mai, how you got out?

  3. hahahahaha aiyor. didn’t you feel… er… coldness where the water stain was? 😛

    Yeah, I did.. which makes me realized the ahem part is all wet..

  4. LOL !!
    few prob like this always happen ~~
    didn’t pull zip ~~ wet there~~ bla bla~~ XD

    Didn’t pull zip T3T thats the most embarrassing one

  5. HEllo Miao! lol..where the water stain comes from? =x

    p/s: I’m TianChad’s friend whom we met at LG Monster Party + The Evil Cat destroying the mattress (in case u duno who i am)


  6. Hahahaha……… Couldn’t stop laughing. Are you just back from the toilet? NO WONDERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR XD

    I actually kena when I wash my hand. The basin was wet. TAT

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