Never Look Back

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and escaped…

It was a dark and spooky night. I remembered it was near midnight at the time I got back from supper.

I walked toΒ a 7-11 store near my apartment to buy some stuffs before I headed home.

And on my way home, suddenly I got this strange feeling that something is following me.

Old people always tell us not to look back in the middle of the night or jungle if you feel something is following you or calling you..

Well, try to listen to their advice because I didn’t and regretted..

It was calling me and following me. @@

Thinking that I might not be the person, it was following, so I stopped.

Guess what, it stopped too..Β  >.<

This freaked me out.. so I started to walk faster and faster..

and luckily I managed to got in the lift..

T3T So sorry kitty cat, I couldn’t bring you home..

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  1. oo.. First~~~ so it’s a cat following a cat? Must be female. xD

    woahh fast! maybe one day i can put reward for first comment XD
    I didn’t check but.. probably XD

  2. I tot it was a …. !!
    hahaha.. luckily it was just a cat!

    Luckily it was XD
    The cat is so cute … following me and meowing at the same time XD

  3. =.=”
    Nvr look back…@_@
    Me recently looking for a kitty as pet…XD

    SPCA!!! πŸ˜€ There’s a lot of cats to abdopt there

  4. LOL. You gave me a scare… I thought you’ve just had other-worldly experience.. LOL. It’s already that time of the year, isn’t it? XD

    Thank goodness it was just a cat though… LOL

    Yea.. ^^” it is THAT time of year d… *swallow saliva*

  5. you should have brought it back home!!! you can’t leave you relatives out there like that!!!!

    T3T sob sob
    can you keep it for me?

  6. You scared me! But heng its just a kitty cat. That’s pretty cute!
    My BF ever told me that when he was in the army and in the forest, he was standing at the back of the line. Then he felt taps on his shoulder. alot of times! Then something grabbed his shoulder when he didn’t respond.

    But no cat hor. no one is behind him.


    Omg!! that’s creepy @@
    I think I will not aware of that and turn around and look

  7. Omg! The cat’s a she. :O There must be some ‘chemistry’ happening between the both of you.. πŸ˜›

    I just meow at it and it followed me T3T

  8. haha…u r good in making ppl to feel scared….this month is a creepy month. last nite, i jz knew that the ε„Ώζ­Œ ‘ε¦Ήε¦ΉθƒŒη€ζ΄‹ε¨ƒε¨ƒ’ that we used to sing when we were young was actually an eerie song….

    Yes it is.. πŸ˜€
    Jeng jeng jeng!!!

    That’s why we never sang it before back at home

  9. haha. how do u know the cat is a ‘she’? maybe the same gender. haha. coz miao is cute~ dats y the same gender also want to folo u. haha

    Hmm good question..
    gosh maybe it’s a male cat @@

  10. I wanted to shout ‘LAMEEEE’ by the time I see the kitty.

    Suspense only! Haiyoh! So sad, you ditched your own relative.

    Hahahaha πŸ˜› i rather to be lame and have a kitty than really bump into ‘you know what’ @@

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  12. It’s good to be aware of your surroundings. Might be able to avoid bad things like robbery to happen. Too much of those happened lately. Glad you’re safe. Come back Kuching for Kuching fest! XD

    I will be going back but I think I will miss the Fest T3T

  13. Pity cat. πŸ™

    Cat is a lovely creature. I got two. I only realise how manja they are after I have my first cat, LemonTea. He goes wherever I go at home. Even wait for me back home at door everyday.

    P/S: Don’t send animals you found to SxCA. They kill animals if nobody adopt them. They have no choice, they can’t afford to feed them and they can’t find them homes. If you find an animal, please ask around you or announce on pet forums. ;(

    They certain are πŸ™‚
    I only knew about it too late T3T
    My heart aches every time i think bout it..

    my cat was sent away before T3T…
    my eyes start to become watery while typing this.. :/

  14. U did it again!! Now is the “ghost” month for chinese. Better be extra careful :/ if you believe it…. anyway, you always back home very late? quite dangerous u know… i mean as in reality, they are Mat Rempit and such..

    Not always.. it’s rare for me to go out XD

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