Miao doesn’t look like Miao?

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Sorry for the different font used in my strip below as the strips were drew on my friend’s PC as my laptop died on Sunday night. T3T

I had a new haircut lately, a hairstyle I never had before, a short standing hair and no more long hair covering my face XD.

Everyone in the office was surprised and bothering me with weird questions T3T. Questions like ” Are  you okay? Start dating?  etc”. I kept explaining but no one believe I just changed my hairstyle out of fun. They said there must a reason for me to do it. T3T

They all said I don’t look like myself and some hardly recognized me and thought I’m a new staff. =.=

Hopefully, my family and hamsters still recognized me… 😀




Anyway, in case you wanna see a pic of it, kindly click the link below this

Come and guess which one is me 😀


P/S: And Yes, I am getting thinner and thinner T3T

Not enough food to eat..

Comments 48

  1. shark style. hahaha
    Why only when dating, will change hairstyle?

    Don’t know ler.
    They say a person will usually go for a big haircut change..when after a broke up or start dating :/

  2. u r the one in green shirt!!! i like ur new spikey hair…u look more leng chai than b4…*blush*blush*….

    Hahaha.. confirm that one is me?

  3. haha nice hair style i think is the right…is easy to guess haha…

    darn it.. should have find a photo with many people xD

  4. ehhh i think your new hairstyle looks cool on you! hahaha
    btw, your fren on the left looks a bit like the magician liu qian! LOL

    Magic! XD
    oh wait that’s xiao zhong

  5. nice haircut eh~juz try new style…maybe,juz maybe it’s suitable for you…wwweeeee….dun be afraid with style…try it since u’re able to it..heehhehe

    Try it while I still able eh 😀

  6. OMG!! Is it juz me or did MIAO look like Kenji Harima from School Rumble…???

    Kenji HArima O.o
    *starts google about this character*

  7. haha, happened to me too once!

    I used to have long hair, then one morning I woke up and decided to shave my head bald! All my friends were stunned. I met a new friend the night before, I met him again and he couldn’t recognize me at all after the shave, hahahaha.

    WAhahahahahah confirm can’t recognize XD
    I think I will not recognize myself too if I do that

  8. come we go feed on chicken rice, laksa, roti canai. let you gain some weight and then when fat can go Kennysia’s gym hahah

    But I’m not in Kuching 🙁

  9. hahaha still ask us to guess. of course the most suspicious looking one with tonnes of things covering his face and a ‘jian’ at the right corner lol.

    *Whistle* ^3^

  10. i understand the feeling of ppl staring at you .. for a few seconds before realizing who you are. That happened to me when i changed my hairstyle from long and curly to short and tomboy-like. Hahaha ~ everyone was shocked ! Anyway ~ not sure how ur previous hairstyle was but for a blogger like you to have such hairstylo is SOOOOO cool ! =D Have faith in your new look ~ the more confidence you are in yourself … the more you will shine =D as my malacca’s friends would have commented if someone changed a new look ” FUYOH ~ YENG WOR ! SIBEH LENGCAI WOR … ”

    Even it’s not leng zai but say the same thing eh? XD
    btw , why say blogger to hv such hair is cool?

  11. wow! really shock ! is 2 diff miao as i seen b4 ….

    btw, the left hand side guy is my coursemate b4
    so if i din see u b4, i oso know right hand side tat guy is u la…..

    The world issss soooooooooo small XD

  12. eh ur the one wit the sunglasses…cant really see ur FACE…eheh…but still nice hair wat…u really look thin, pls eat more..pleeeease XD

    Bwahahaha I purposely cover up my face XD

  13. haha ^_^ ur hairstyle makes u look like an adult, diff from b4, make u look like a student hahahaa

    Hmm student better.. can get student discount XD

  14. wow!! so hensem waliu eh…
    sure the kuey tiaw uncle at kenyalang don’t recognize you… (^-^)

    Hahahah the kuey tiao uncle don’t know me in the first place also XD

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