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Recently, there’s a new girl in the office and the people in the company is going woohoo because she looks kinda pretty. Not sure is a bad luck or good luck but she happens to sit 2 seats away from me. :/ And because of that it is funny to find more people tends to walk through my places  nowadays especially the guys..XD

I on the other hand, try to avoid walking through her place at all cost because I don’t wanna to be group/categorize as the same as the ‘wolves’  XD

You know, in our company, the IT team is one of the hardest team to deal with, normally we need to wait like hours or days for them to come and help us out and sometimes they will just guide us through phones and let us settle the problem on our own.

As for the new girl, the ‘manager’ actually went over to her place personally to check whether everything is okay even she didn’t call @@

While the girls on the other hand are discussing bout her.. make up and stuffs. Hmm okay girls basically discuss about anything and everything anyway XD..

Anyway, it is fun for me to see the people acting all weird..or am I the weird one here..

Instead of the pretty girl, I’m actually more interested with this twin in my office..

Any one of my readers are twins out there? I have so many funny questions for you.. XD

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  1. no, u’re not weird coz u know 2 is better than 1 as the songs goes~~~~. Why aim at 1 girl when u can have extra copy XD

    Wahahahaha twins FTW

  2. I’m twins but i’m a male.XD

    I have a question!!!
    Do you and your brother hv like this link that can feel each other?
    I’m just curios 😛

  3. Ahahahaha. XD Yep. Definitely weird. 😛 Like me! XD
    At my school, there’s two pair of twins which I dont like very much coz they creep me out. 😛 Bhahahahaha!

    Hahaha but don’t think its awesome?
    If I have a twin brother, I would go trick ppl off XD

  4. yes im a girl twin! tehee

    I have another question..

    I ever saw some twins (I don’t know of) wearing the same clothes..
    Why ar? Just for fun to confuse people? 😛


    Nooo cameraaaaaaa…..
    But she’s not really super pretty lor..

    I think Adeline/Angeline (I can’t remember her name).. from your blog is much more pretty ..

  6. hahaha.. I know. you don’t want to walk past her because you want her to know that you are unique~~~

    No lor…
    I just don’t wanna group together with wolves xD wahahahha

  7. i got a twin name Rev,we look the same,it was really fun,you got someone the same as you like things that you like and interest in 😀

    Then how about liking the same girl?? That would be a disaster, no?
    I don’t even have a brother.. T3T

  8. typical. romance.

    cos-u-dont-show-interest-while-everyone-else-does,-she-will-eventually-notice-u-and-both-of-u-start-to-get-to-know-each-other-and-fall-in-love kinda thing.

    well, hopefully 😛
    (erm, unless she’s taken 🙁 )

    She is taken! Married somemore bwahahaha XD

  9. girls always have such advantage, especially the pretty 1, unlucky im not 1 of them, still need to work hard on myself =(

    Don’t worry, hardworking girls are the most attractive 😀

  10. Haha.. I’m a twin…

    and to asnwer your question on twins..

    nope, we don’t have a link or telepathy but we do think alike.. so we come up with the same ideas and choose the same stuff.. something like that..

    oh, but we don’t dress alike. except went we were younger and we didn’t have a say in what we wear cos my mum dresses us up.. but we do share our clothes cos we are both the same size 🙂

    anyway, want to read something weird about twins.. check out this post..


    I was freaked out myself…

    *read the article*
    Oh maiii..
    that’s awesome!!!!!

  11. we used to like this girl once,but i was thinking of giving up and let Rev have her but as i was searching for him,we meet and said “you can have her”,hahaha we laugh so hard, and quit liking her 😀

    Wahhh same thinking XD

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