It’s so Fake, Miao gonna Die..

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Couple of days ago, my colleagues and I happened to see this flyers about Sarawak Laksa. As my colleagues never had Sarawak Laksa before, we decided to have Sarawak Laksa for lunch.

Beside my colleagues, I too ordered one bowl for myself to see how good it is. And I was thinking that it might not taste way too different as the Laksa itself costed RM14, thrice the price back in Sarawak.

And it turned out badly, it doesn’t taste like a Sarawak Laksa at all. Using the same/similar ingredients does not makes it a Sarawak Laksa if the preparation is different! Gargh!! This is bad, others might thought the Sarawak laksa really taste like this.. @@


This reminds me of the time when I first came to West Malaysia, I was told that Penang laksa was the best. So I went and ordered one from the stall here in Melaka. And the Penang Laksa tasted so bad that I threw it away. I remembered  “Authentic Penang Asam Laksa” was written in red and bold on the stall.  =.=

The Laksa left a very bad image to me, I was thinking how can something so awful to be one of the best Laksa. And I never touched a Penang Laksa for 2 years after that until the day I visited Penang and tasted the real Penang Laksa. It was so good, I had two bowls in one go XD. Now I miss Penang laksa too..


Can’t stand it when some people trying to humiliate my hometown food by simply serving a dish and calling it one.. >.<

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  1. Can’t stand it when some people trying to humiliate my hometown food by simply serving a dish and calling it one..

    i agree with this !!!

    Btw, 面对面's Kolok Mee is doing good. The Kolok Mee is exactly the Sarawak taste nuh !!! Damn miss Sarawak nao~ ^_^

    Where is it?

  2. Agree~ Agree~~ Sarawak Laksa should copy-right it and don’t let the pirate laksa ruin our sarawak laksa~~~

    Hahaha only Swkian can sell?
    I went to a shop the other day and the cook is a Swkian but the Laksa taste different too T3T

  3. argghh yea should i angry or errr hide myself as i cook for my friends laksa and failed too D: cos i don have prawn heads at the time T_T

    Hahaha practice makes perfect! cook more 😀

  4. I think most of the sarawakean don’t like the taste of Penang Laksa, though i thought it’s the same with sarawak laksa in the first place. Kinda miss Sarawak Laksa and i gonna have it once i back to sarawak in next two weeks… ^.^V

    Yea, some doesn’t..
    but I love penang laksa 😀 Even it tastes different but its yummy..

  5. this is why i never taste anything that claims to be a famous dish if its not the original place. no matter what, sure different one…

    as for laksa, cannot be compared which is nicer, because there are just too many versions…

    me never had sarawak laksa before, and wud love to try it one day xD

    As long as it is not from the original place, it’s not original 😀
    I agree with you too.. all laksa are different in taste.. 🙂

  6. bubur pedas adake di melaka.
    i miss mertabak…. miri punya mertabak fake too.

    Bubur pedas?? where where? I wanna try it

    You should try Roti Jon from Miri..
    I heard it’s good

  7. yeah. you can’t even get our local food anywhere else as similar as our own hometown. that’s why i used to bring the paste back. heh

    Can cook for me too ?:P

  8. Besides laksa, miao also can try our Sibu Kampua too! 😀 That’s what Sibu famous for ^^

    I know!!! I had it when I was training there for a week and I had it every single day!!

  9. Miao, mana tempat tu? Melaka Mall one ah?
    If yes, I tried that and it was OMG-NOTHING-IS-SAME-WITH-SARAWAK-LAKSA.

    No cut omelet, wrong soup! Ang got TIMUN wtf~ =.=

    Not that one.. but Tesco one..

  10. Hi miao, just to let you know, there’s a place in Kajang that serves kolo mee and sarawak laksa (if I’m not mistaken, it’s run by a guy from Tabuan Jaya or Kenyalang). You can google it up.

    Woahh really?
    Gonna drop by there if I happened to go Kajang

  11. miao.. i think u better open ur stall there selling kolok mee and sarawak laksa instead… huhuhu as far as i know most imitations in the west taste awful due to lack of original ingredients ^^’

    i once ordered ‘lemon tea’ … and it end up to be kitchai tea =.=….

    If I know how to make a good one. I would ! 😀

  12. HAIH the first thing i learnt when i came to KL is if there are any stalls saying ‘authentic penang ____’ RUN THE FUCK AWAY FROM THE STALLS AND NEVER LOOK BACK


    i’ve never been to sarawak before, hope i get to try sarawak laksa one day! 😀

    That’s why I seldom have anything Penang out of penang XD
    I miss Penang laksa too T3T

  13. gosh! you sound like the food critic! nice if you get to move around and try more various food (:

    Hehehe a bit 😛
    Yea, I do like to travel around and try any food around 😀

  14. i just come back from our hometown at kuching yesterday and when im at there, every single morning i having “REAL SARAWAK LAKSA” as my breakfast…… it was Heavenly taste…… until now i still can taste the laksa in my mouth…… hehe……. speacially foody goody laksa at stutong…… DAMN NICE~~~

    I hate you.

  15. I get what you mean. Got one time I saw in KL “‘s Famous Chicken Rice”. Thing is, my hometown isn’t even famous for chicken rice!

    Anyway, 14 bucks for laksa too expensive le. You better go to Laksa shack and eat. At least their taste is boleh tahan and cheaper with big servings. Still I never tried Swak laksa there bfore. I tried their johor one,taste quite ok.

    Penang laksa, next time you come must go to the corner coffee shop in Balik pulau. Very highly recommended (Air itam one also not as good as this one imho). You have to remember got 2 types of pg laksa though, Lemak type and Asam type.

    I’m not so liking the air itam one.. but i love the one near the girl’s school 😀

  16. Refer to my previous comment, 2nd sentence should be “Got one time I saw in KL (my hometown name)‘s Famous Chicken Rice””

    dunno why it din’t appear o.O.

  17. Sibu laksa is the cheapest…. RM3.50 got prawn if u know where to find. Plus RM0.50, u got extra big bowl than u can’t finish….. I just had my Laksa this afternoon as my lunch….

    You’re making me hungry at this hour T3T

  18. yes penang laksa real taste good…i’m penangites but currently i’m kamparians due to further my study i need to away from the island food of paradise…after i read your blog I WANT EAT LAKSA especially penang road laksa and cendul…='( *sobz*

    Hahahaha laksa FTW!! XD

  19. Yeah, I just back from Singapore and there were people selling Sarawak kampua there (with abalone somemore)…such an insult to Sibu food. By the way, near Ming Tian(PJ area), there are some nice Sarawak laksa and kampua (cooked by Sibu foochow people somemore)…have a try 😀

    Yeah, there’s one good laksa there.. 😀

  20. same like the Penang O-Chien… the last time I went to Penang and tried it, it was awesome I had it almost everynight…
    then when I saw one kopitiam selling the so-called authentic Penang O-Chien in Kuching… straight away go try… it was just okay lor… nothing close to the real deal… -____-””

    Hahaha its hard to get good penang food out of penang itself

  21. hmmm… but there’s one stall here in KJ dat sells Sarawak Laksa n Kolo Mee… not sure if it’s authentic cos I’ve nvr been to Sarawak per say but it’s nice… mayb u can try n let me know… 😛

    There’s a couple over there..
    I tried some of them before.. some really tasted not bad

  22. RM14? -.- u kena scammed isit? so expensiveee!!
    the 1st time i got back to kl. i like wana cry cuz i cudnt eat my kolok mee anymore T_T
    i was like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy , lols.
    but anyway. i got better thru time.

    p/s: i heard they say got deja moss’s restaurant somewhere near bukit antarabangsa selling the swkian dishes.

    T_____________T kena scammed cin cin

    where’s bukit antarabangsa?

  23. Miao ~ If there’s one more dish of our hometown (sarawak) food that you might like … Try HAILAM kopitiam at New Jusco, order their so-called “secret hailam recipe” hailam mee goreng ! It tastes just the same as the sarawakian’s mee goreng basah =D. It’s actually sarawak style mee goreng basah .. hahaha !

    i intro-ed it to my West M’sian friends and they all loved it. Although some stubborn ones insisted that it is Hokkien Noodle =__=” it’s not like i can’t recognize my own hometown food after eating it for 24 years !

    Really? I will go check it out 😀

  24. Hahahaha…. Totally agree, the Sarawak laksa in w.msia taste totally different. So I ended up buying Sarawak laksa paste from Kuching everytime I go back. And we made Sarawak laksa ourselves, tasted so much better than some stalls back home and most stalls here. You should try too.

    Lazy to make ler..
    as I stayed alone.

  25. hmmm… dunno lo… but the shop owner is sarawakian so i presume it shud b authentic… their sarawak laksa sold out ard 1pm liddat… they dun do dinner… n on wed they hv red wine noodle… *yums*… unfortunately i’m now on noon shift so no chance to eat edy… 🙁

    But not all sarawakian cook good laksa 😛
    But seeing the laksa sold out ard 1pm, it should be good XD

  26. sometimes they just want to make money by selling fake dishes. so disappointed with this kind of people.

    Yealo T3T
    and in the same time embarrass the dish’s name and reputation

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