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  1. LOL.. very nice drawing there.. I wish I could draw just like you.. You’re amazing, Miao!

    Thanks!! 😀
    I’m not that amazing.. actually

  2. why that chunk of hair comes out randomly? lol or did u forget to draw in the previous entries?

    Hahaha purposely for my next comic entry

  3. woah! i’ll be back in sarawak a week before raya! huuu. wish i’m at home right now. craving for those foooooooooood

    Yum yum.. I had a lot of them 😀

  4. going back to melaka next week… oooyeaah
    raya ke-3 turunlah ke masjid tanah, meow. 3 ADUN buat open house serentak…

    I’m not sure whether I’m in Melaka or not 😛

  5. enjoy ur holiday….i wish i could go back to my hometown as well..miss my family so much :'(

    Just go home 😀

  6. miao… make sure u tapau lots of konlok mee back to semenanjung hahahahha. =P

    *but it wont taste as good as the one stright from the wok…

    Nope it’s still taste soooo good 😀 that’s the powa of kolok mee XD

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