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  1. haha. somehow i can understand that. cant blame him neither dont want to accept the fact that we’ve changed. haha

    They changed a lot too T3T

  2. haha! Maybe you’ve turn too handsome >_< If got chance, let's go for some Laksa or Kueh Chap with us πŸ˜€

    T3T should have notice this comment sooner..
    but I don’t have any car to drive during the break too T3T

  3. lol but i guess mother can recognise their children better cos my mum told me she gave birth to me and raised me up so no matter how i become, she will recognise me immediately 10m away :’)

    Wahh touching :’)

  4. eh, u confirm thats ur dad or not? Maybe not ur dad din recognise u, but u recognise wrong dad! LOL!

    Bwahahaha XD
    of course not!
    my dad looks like me..

    I mean i look like my dad

  5. so so so sorry to hear that='( my mum did the same thing to me too when i asked her to find me in my NS pic that consists 400 ppls inside. she immediately recog and i’m so happy then she said “easy to find you la, find the most fair one can d” T________________________T

    HAhahah the fairest of them all XD

  6. for real ah u have this bag?/ i WANT BUY !! hahaha..ur papa cartoon also darn cute..

    Not really but I would love to make one πŸ˜€

  7. haha~
    i had thru same situation exactly like u…
    my dad didnt recgnize me at all whn i retuned home on holiday
    after i cut my hair…~~!
    i had long wavy hair thn i cut till my face looks like boyish~
    (damn shorter)
    *thanx god my dad didnt mad n undrstand my situation coz
    i studied in medical field , so no time to take care on my hair~~
    but i do have time to check out wafupafu latest strips n read repeatdly de previous
    strips whn i stress on my study…hahahaha~~


    HAhahaha he sure shocked to have a new son XD

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