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It’s so Fake, Miao gonna Die..

Couple of days ago, my colleagues and I happened to see this flyers about Sarawak Laksa. As my colleagues never had Sarawak Laksa before, we decided to have Sarawak Laksa for lunch.

Beside my colleagues, I too ordered one bowl for myself to see how good it is. And I was thinking that it might not taste way too different as the Laksa itself costed RM14, thrice the price back in Sarawak.

And it turned out badly, it doesn’t taste like a Sarawak Laksa at all. Using the same/similar ingredients does not makes it a Sarawak Laksa if the preparation is different! Gargh!! This is bad, others might thought the Sarawak laksa really taste like this.. @@


This reminds me of the time when I first came to West Malaysia, I was told that Penang laksa was the best. So I went and ordered one from the stall here in Melaka. And the Penang Laksa tasted so bad that I threw it away. I remembered  “Authentic Penang Asam Laksa” was written in red and bold on the stall.  =.=

The Laksa left a very bad image to me, I was thinking how can something so awful to be one of the best Laksa. And I never touched a Penang Laksa for 2 years after that until the day I visited Penang and tasted the real Penang Laksa. It was so good, I had two bowls in one go XD. Now I miss Penang laksa too..


Can’t stand it when some people trying to humiliate my hometown food by simply serving a dish and calling it one.. >.<


A New Staff in the Office

Recently, there’s a new girl in the office and the people in the company is going woohoo because she looks kinda pretty. Not sure is a bad luck or good luck but she happens to sit 2 seats away from me. :/ And because of that it is funny to find more people tends to walk through my places  nowadays especially the guys..XD

I on the other hand, try to avoid walking through her place at all cost because I don’t wanna to be group/categorize as the same as the ‘wolves’  XD

You know, in our company, the IT team is one of the hardest team to deal with, normally we need to wait like hours or days for them to come and help us out and sometimes they will just guide us through phones and let us settle the problem on our own.

As for the new girl, the ‘manager’ actually went over to her place personally to check whether everything is okay even she didn’t call @@

While the girls on the other hand are discussing bout her.. make up and stuffs. Hmm okay girls basically discuss about anything and everything anyway XD..

Anyway, it is fun for me to see the people acting all weird..or am I the weird one here..

Instead of the pretty girl, I’m actually more interested with this twin in my office..

Any one of my readers are twins out there? I have so many funny questions for you.. XD


Miao doesn’t look like Miao?

Sorry for the different font used in my strip below as the strips were drew on my friend’s PC as my laptop died on Sunday night. T3T

I had a new haircut lately, a hairstyle I never had before, a short standing hair and no more long hair covering my face XD.

Everyone in the office was surprised and bothering me with weird questions T3T. Questions like ” Are  you okay? Start dating?  etc”. I kept explaining but no one believe I just changed my hairstyle out of fun. They said there must a reason for me to do it. T3T

They all said I don’t look like myself and some hardly recognized me and thought I’m a new staff. =.=

Hopefully, my family and hamsters still recognized me… 😀




Anyway, in case you wanna see a pic of it, kindly click the link below this

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