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Never Look Back

and escaped…

It was a dark and spooky night. I remembered it was near midnight at the time I got back from supper.

I walked to a 7-11 store near my apartment to buy some stuffs before I headed home.

And on my way home, suddenly I got this strange feeling that something is following me.

Old people always tell us not to look back in the middle of the night or jungle if you feel something is following you or calling you..

Well, try to listen to their advice because I didn’t and regretted..

It was calling me and following me. @@

Thinking that I might not be the person, it was following, so I stopped.

Guess what, it stopped too..  >.<

This freaked me out.. so I started to walk faster and faster..

and luckily I managed to got in the lift..

T3T So sorry kitty cat, I couldn’t bring you home..


Miao&WafuPafu is Getting a Week Off

After months and years of drawing and blogging, I decided to take a week off from blogging. 🙂

There are some reasons behind this. Beside my 8-6 work, I’m also taking some free lancing design work after work as well as blogging. So basically, I working my arse off XD hahaha but it was fun and good (except my 8-6 work). Hahaha…

But too bad, my energy as well as my ideas/inspirations juice is drying up. 🙁 So I’m taking a week off to recharge myself.

Hopefully, I can get more sleep, ideas/inspirations as well as adopted some new drawing method/skills during the week and also try to format my stupid PC.

If there’s time, I might revamped my site with a new theme 🙂  Do stay tune for it ya.

During this week, if you’re bored you can try read through my old posts 🙂 and let me know which one is your favorite post  of all time. And also what do you wish to see more in future ya. 🙂

So Miao&WafuPafu here,  signing off… ^3^

See youuuuuuuuu guys next week 🙂 *hearts*


Miao Did it Again?

Click to view my previous experience.

There’s actually a big water stain on my shirt and my jeans at the ahem area. :/

It looked like as if I peed myself T_______________T which is not!



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