You spin my Head Right Round..

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Happened yesterday morning when I was buying some food for my medicine.


I have not been feeling well since I went back to Kuching a week ago and it turned bad the moment I came back to Malacca. I suspected the sick uncle who sat beside me on my flight back to Kuching was the cause of this as he was coughing and sneezing non stop throughout the flight >.<

Hopefully I can get well soon as I have so much things need to settle >.<

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  1. awww…poor you…
    u’re quite prone to being sick izit?
    antibody not good ah?

    ~karada ni ki wo tsukete, odaiji ni miao-kun~

    Not enough exercise 🙁

  2. lol.. blurness hits you..
    omg~ your blurness is contagious.. lol~ I was typing with the desktop’s keyboard instead of my laptop’s.. =.=”

    Lol.. I’m innocent!!! T3T

  3. You’re professional blogger already. So sick still can update blog. I am having fever like you too, been 4 days.. doctor banned me from dirnking BEER… now I am at the lowest point of my life. lol.

    Get more rest.

    Blog is a must. I can’t let my readers wait for updates for too long ^^”
    You should tell him Beer is ang moh’s liang teh

  4. haiyo… kelian eh… get well soon miao… eat some kiwi =D it has 3-4x vitamin C then other fruits

    3-4x the price too 😛

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