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  1. too eventhough i didn’t use it at all for the rest of the day -_-”

    Its like connecting to the world..
    without it feels like isolated XD
    even not using it

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  3. hehehe, same for me as well. I on my laptop and connect to the internet before i get change when i reach home for my semester break.

    HAhahaah same same XD

  4. Haha..
    Miao..Is not good to ignore your mom and go with your internet..
    Later your mom no mood than no good..=X
    Care your mom lot lot..

    No ar.. I on it and left the room 😛

  5. hahaha… this happens to most of us… sometimes i’ll b out wit my bf n he’ll jz login to MSN for a short while to check whois online on his mobile n den he’ll ask me… wat is ur ID doin online? … dat’s cos he know i din login using my mobile but i left my MSN online wen i went out of d hse… 😛
    worse wen i’m out wit my frens n leave my MSN online cos he will think i’m online but i’m actually outside… kekeke…

    Hahahaa yeah that usually happens a lot..
    sometimes the msn wont go idle mode.. strangely

  6. Same as me!!!!!!!! Don’t worry, that is the symptom that we’re born in the era of globalisation. hehe

    but this habit is actually bugging my mom coz everytime I go back home, the electric bill will be escalated again. Hahahahahahah I like to leave my computer on, you know, just in case 😛

    hahhaha yeah just in case..
    waiting for the PC to complete to boot is longgg

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