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Thanks for all the wishes!! I replied all the comments d. You guys can check it out and surprisingly someone got my wish right. XD Anyway, you guys rocks!!!!

I just came back from KL yesterday and a day before that I was on the highway and encounter a sudden slow in the traffic.

It was a strange one as it wasn’t peak hour, so I suspected there must be an accident or a car broke down ahead and it turned out I was right, only the difference was the car broke down on the other side of the road. :/

It seems like everyone is being a caring Malaysian driver, all slow down to check it out.. =.=

Let’s do a survey here, will you slow down to check it out?

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  1. A lot of ppl will slow down and check out the no to buy 4D. :p

    I hate it… It slow down the whole traffic… ;(

    Many people i know check the car plate numbers XD

  2. nope…
    but normally had to slow coz other people slow maa…
    prolly i take a peek…

    When one started the whole world have to slow down..

  3. It’s totally true, Malaysians are Kepo ! Haha! Some might tale out their cameras to capture, I experienced it =.=||

    Camera and shoot? O.o
    Must be bloggers hahaha

  4. actually .. we need to slow down a little because it might be dangerous to speed as the victims of the accident will be standing around the car. Even if you are at the opposite side of the road … still gotta slow down a little too. But for THOSE who like .. STOPPED for a few minutes to LOOK .. that’s what you call KEPO. Those are the ones who caused the jam … just slow down the car speed but not STOP. then it should be ok =D

    There’s once where me and my friends were back from KL. the accident happened like just a few minutes before we reached the place. So we were stucked in the front part of the jam. Everyone slowed down. Some stopped, looked and move. Coz it involves 4 branded sports car and 1 kancil. Miraculously .. the kancil only got a dented bumper but the porsche’s front part was totally ‘V’-ed shaped ! As always, ppl would start speeding after the accident site. But we got another shock … just 100m further up where the traffic is so clear … suddenly there is another car (kenari) overturned right in the middle of the road .. but no one stopped and there was no jam at all. Everyone just got shocked a while and avoided it and speeded away.

    Oops … i think i wrote too much. Hahaha ~ anyway take care.

    Its okay 😀
    Good that you have things to share ^^

  5. it is soooo common in kl. it’s a vicious circle. the first car stopped and stared. the second car would have to stop to avoid hitting the front car. so the second car would conveniently stared since it was moving slowly. and the next car would do the same. slowed down and stared. eventually the ‘what-happened-is-it-bad?’ created a massive traffic jam!

    T3T yealo

  6. NO~! NEVER~!
    There’s 1 incident where my car at the back of this STUPID car. Instead of slow down, he STOP right in the middle of the road to look at the accident while the light is GREEN. We HONK him but he’s hardly moving. We HONK again and again till he move foward. He slow down, we overtake his car and he drive towards our car acting like wana bang us…HOW IDIOT PPL CAN B~~

    That’s freaking idiotic!

  7. erytime im faced diz kind of situation
    …..im olwez slow down my car’s speed ~
    coz i dun wan my hubby cheatin on me
    n end up kissin others car butt…huhu^^~


  8. get used to it, bro! at least u know that everyone driving slow to see the accident! sometimes will jammed for no reason!

    That happened to me too!!
    Funny people trying to get from left and right at a same point where they can drive and move ahead since its a highway without any turns.

  9. hehe.. In Brunei yes.. Because we need to find out who’s involved and if we know them.. Because in Brunei, (since it’s a small country with very much 400+- k (including foreigners).. So everybody knows everybody.. ;p

    Hahaha.. 400k also a lot ler..

  10. yes. but not because of being kaypo. i just had to feel bad for the victims(eventhough its just a scratch) and hope it doesnt happen again (to them and to other people).and also to see wether the wreckage is serious or not. i feel sad when i know people loss their lives in road accidents. its just like one minute u’re here, next u’re gone. there may be so many things the person wanna do but he/she can never voice it out again. haih *emo*

    I see but I still doesn’t encourage slowly down.. as it might cause accident at the back since its a highway, no one will expect such sudden speed change especially after a turn or after the flight over..

  11. haha.. hi miao.. wer was the accident happened? is it somewhere near 1 Utama there? that day i passed by that area also all cars slow down coz they too “caring” edi.. hahaha..

    I think we’re at the same place..
    Near the tunnel there right?

  12. Normal lo. Typical Malaysians. Because of that the whole road jammed. They should put up a barrier on the middle of the road so that no one can see the accident!

    Cover it up eh?

  13. I cant deny I’ll slow down and wonder what happened. I’ll be like what happened how come jam!
    If the accident is really bad, I’ll feel super guilty for staring, and start to hope the victim is okay.

    I think I belly kaypoh =x

    Hahaha… i think maybe I’m being cold hearted?

  14. typical malaysian drivers….*sigh*…no i wont… but i noe tat happened a lot…i always complain…coz y the hell is our side jamming when the accident happen on the other side of the road = =

    All curiosity Cats.. XD

  15. erm…as i know…sometimes is not caused by the driver \geh poh\ … its the passanger ask the driver:’eh…drive slowly har…wana see wat happend out there…\ =.=ll lolz

    Hahahaha that sounds familiar!

  16. malaysians are like that.. very pak kua.. but wont come down and help one.. lol~
    If me, I slow down because the driver in front slows down lor.. if in front don’t slow down, then I follow also.. xP

    Yealo all look only but won’t help

  17. That’s why Hitz FM always mention ‘Don’t stop and stare’.
    People sometimes is too curious to know…

    and also see if the front or the back part of car being knocked.
    (affecting the 4D digit arrangment)


    Later a bang from behind then really 4D liao hahahah

  18. nop. but often want to slow down but never do that ever since i got my licence. sometimes just use my fast peek skill to see…whether it is serious or not, if not serious normally i’ll just pass by if serious i always have the intention to help but dare not to do that, scare later anything happen ppl blame me…

    but dunno by the time pass and i get older i can be like those ppl or not =S

    Hahaha u’ll never know when it comes XD

  19. NO, i would never stop cos i scared will see smthg putus tangan or putus kaki incident, later i will faint in the car then cause more serious traffic jam…hehe…

    Gosh.. i never thought of that @@

  20. You can moderate my comment but I just have to say this: I so f**king hate those f**king drivers that drives f**king slow when there’s a f**king accident. (I feel like doing all caps, but I think that’s too over the edge, but know this: I really want to write that in all caps without the censor.) F**king brainless SOB!

    I feel you T3T..
    its okay.. just release your anger.. 🙂

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