Happy Mid Autumn Festival

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Apparently, human is not the first one to reach the moon.

Happy Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival to all my Chinese/ Buddhists readers. 🙂


I used to do greetings posts like this on almost all the festive seasons we have here in Malaysia but this year I kinda busy that I missed out most of them. I even missed out Hari Raya, Independence day..etc :/ Anyway, hopefully I can get back on track and posts more! I have so many stories to share. 😀

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  1. Happy Moon Cake Festival.
    Still did not have the chance to eat mooncake, keep waiting for someone to give, but this year no one seems to be giving my family mooncake.
    Guess I better go buy discounted mooncakes.

    Lucky my colleague gave me one~

  2. I haven’t celebrate Mooncake Festival..Meepss
    Tomorrow gonna play candle with all my friends..Hehe..

    Miao also got play candle??Or just eat mooncake??

    I don’t really celebrate mid autumn’s day ^^”

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