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  1. Haha…I have similar experience, I ended up opening the window, and wipe it off using tissue (while one hand on the wheel, and the wipers are still on) I looked idiotic >__________________________________<

    wait, you doing it while driving??

  2. HAHA! Funny. My family’s car always get it too. Kinda disgusting. Pity the guy who washes the car for us.

    I pity them too
    I always send my car over with poos on it @@

  3. hahaha…
    aftr read de whole miao story (Fuuuuu…I Can’t See)….
    i juz realised bird’s poo could kill people on de road…


    Hahaha everything kills nowadays XD

  4. i feel u man… i feel u… and for some reasons there are whole bunch of birds around my housing area nowadays… parking at the wrong location will give us birdpoos all over the car =.=

    Stay away from trees.. they are deadly XD

  5. haha…so funny..i alwiz keep a packet of wet tissue in my car to clean the bird poo poo…

    I don’t have that habit but I do have tissues in my car 😀

  6. hi miao… i have always followed your blog but never left u a msg b4. but this time i really bei tahan bout the bird poo… its so funny!!! u made my morning ^^

    Woahh thanks for the comment!!:D heheh

  7. That’s why i avoid parking near trees now! Last time I always parked my car near the trees to hide from the sun rays, but always ended up with bits of bird poos =.=

    There’s a pro and con XD hahaha

  8. Hey miao, looks like you texted all your feathered friends. One thing tho, where is the Phoenix Guy from Miao tries to be “Atas”?

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