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  2. Am always impressed by how u can manage the details so fine, like the last pic the laughing hamsters hahaha!

    Heheh thank you ^^
    seems like it pays off, since you notice it

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  4. *cant stop laughin…:D πŸ˜€
    miao……how come ne……~~
    the chair…..hohoho~~~!!

    say bye to old blue chair…
    n hai to new one or else bettr u juz sit
    on floor…hope ur floorrrr ….. stable n strong enuf to
    support ur whole body :PP

    LOL.. I’m actually still sitting on it till the other bar breaks XD

  5. yaya not miao’s fault…the chair is weak rite? πŸ˜€ or the gravity is too strong XD

    Chair too weak :3

    *Getting stares from WafuPafu*

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  7. Obsess with IU ? i should try her new song with Sung Shi Kung ( κ·ΈλŒ€λ„€μš” ) . Simply beautiful ~

    I think i heard it but can’t recall XD
    Nvm, later will check it out

  8. sure is u getting fatter lar….
    ur blue chair tooooo old….
    betahan your weight liao lar…..

    Where got fat πŸ˜›

  9. lol still sitting on it ah? dont sit until it really break down and u stuck between the bars oh hehehehe.

    LOL touch wood!

  10. it’s time to buy a new 1…haha
    make it fast..
    IU videos can’t wait πŸ™‚

    I think I watch almost all the IU videos there are on youtube..

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