Miao is Killed

Jian Akiraceo Rant 32 Comments

by the Hot Burning Sun..

Not sure bout other places but the weather in Melaka here is very very hot lately. So hot that whenever I finished my shower, I ended up all sweaty again in minutes.  T3T

Currently, I’m staying on the fifth floor, so usually it gets kinda windy and cold at night that I need to cover myself with my comforter but now it’s so hot that I can’t even sleep with my shirt on and I need to take another shower before bed. :/

If the hot weather continues like this, I think I can set up my room into a sauna d.  XD

At the same time, I don’t think the weather will turns any better if.. humans…trees….sigh….

and our hamsters keep worshiping it.. =.=

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  1. ..in putrajaya…windy~
    not hot ma~~!! thanx god O(.^__^.)O

    …if u do turn ur room into sauna..~
    dun 4get to invite us ya *all ur blog readers///~

    hahahahaha 😛

    I hate jooo T3T

  2. close all the windows and open the air-con whole day! that might sovle the problem

    No air-con and air-con only solves the user problem but brings more heat to the environment! 🙁

  3. my place also!! i even have to shower with cold water. at night is even worse, cant sleep cos too hot. at least u can sleep shirtless, but i’m a girl 🙁 and i have roomates.

    Your roomie is a girl too right? Nvm 1:P

  4. same goes to KL here >.< hot like hell… drink more water and take care…dont fall sick…cx we cant accept Miao fall sick and unable to update his post here…lolz =)

    Don’t worry, sick also must update XD

  5. ahahhha…fow some weird reason…
    miao remind me of dracula…
    burnt whenever got touched by sunray…

    oh…sungod like PS eh?

    Hahaha god also need entertainment 😛

  6. yaya, Melaka weather is freaking hot, i thought my hometown weather is hotter, but seem i’m wrong, last night i had to bath before sleep, too hot… can’t stand for it, even lecture hall air-cond also can’t cool me down =p

    The other day I sleep till all sweat XD

  7. ya, the weather is insanely hot nowadays…somemore my office air-cond is not functioning…it’s killing me….help…feel like wanna call d bomba…hahaha…

    I think bomba won’t coming lor. XD
    All hide inside the water tank

  8. It’s not only in Malacca… T_T It’s so hot, you’d really faint if you stand too long under the sun…
    It wasn’t THAT hot last time… must be due to global warming…T_T

    Yea it wasn’t
    Lately, it’s getting worse

  9. miao steal the concept from the Detective Dee & The Phantom Flame movie… i wonder if u notice it or not….. Bad Miao

    I never watch wor.. which part?

  10. Dear Wafu and Pafu, thanks for the PS3, but I’m giving it back to you so you can send out to someone out there who wants to play FF XIII but only has Xbox 360 and no PS3.

    Love, Sun God.


  11. sigh.. not just melaka… here at KL, Bangsar to be precise… i spend my entire day working there and end up having sore throat though i drink “air masak” too many already.. 🙁

    Oh my.. that sucks

  12. here aso very hot… n same like zOee my car aircon aso spoiled… everyday b4 go work take cold shower… by the time i drive 2 work… i’m sweating like a pig n hv 2 wear shirt to work so no choice… 🙁

    try open the window?

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