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Gosh I’m craving for some good long sleeps.

I had been staying awake/late recently and working on my design stuffs and only had roughly 4+ hours of sleep every night. @@ย The best record was sleeping at 10pm, woke up at 2am and drew till the next morning and straight away went to office for work. XD

Actually it’s nothing comparing to Monkey Hao who ever worked non-stop for 30+ hours, then slept for only 3 hours before he went clubbing till the next day. *salute* XD The only difference was he was forced and I did it willingly (except the part where I went to office for work XD )

Anyway, speaking of sleep, the other night I was enjoying my moment with my bed….

Then I did a body stretch, something like this…


I sprainedย my back ย T3T Gosh it was painful…

And when I was turning my head, I sprained my neck too T3T.

Sprained twice in a single night . FML =.=

Goshh I’m really getting old d with body ache every where @@

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  1. LOL!!! damn like the one rolling on bed hahahah!!
    anyway next time dun get too excited or ไนๆž็”Ÿๆ‚ฒ hah.

    HAhahhaa ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. hahahah the picture of the cat totally looks like you – should invest in salonplas heehee

    Hahaha XD Gonna buy a whole box

  3. High 5! coz i sprained my neck too since back from the trip. It still haven’t fully recovered! and Miao, i saw ur comment!! I’m soooo touched that u dropped by T.T ~ Wish u’ll have a great holiday in HK! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hahaha thanks! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. gosh. i know how the sprained feeling is like. i get it all the time cos i always stretch myself in the morning!

    Wahh every time O.o

  5. LOL, this has got to be my fav piece …… from that cute jumping onto bed and spraining back and neck. And that kitty is sooo cute.

    Thanks, love your drawings.

    Hahah thanks!

  6. haha..next time,,go straight to the point that is to ZzZzZz…no need to stretch2 or u’ll injured urself as u already did =D

    Sometimes just feel like it..
    and stretch feels good~

  7. Haha! Nice post! Btw, Wafe n Pafu are doing acupuncture on ur body in the last pic is it? haha. Great job (as in blogging) here! Keep it up!

    They poking me T3T

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