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Miao Wanna Bath and Pee

Few days ago, my house owner told me that the bathroom is leaking to the unit below and he needs to renovate the whole bathroom floor. He suggested me to sleep downstairs while they try to fix the bathroom…

The unit seems to be abandon for quite some time. It’s all dirty, run down and spooky. There are spider webs all over the place and the floor was covered with an inch of dusts =.=

I wondered what is my house owner thinking when he asked me to sleep there…so I decided to just have my bath here and go back and sleep in my own room.

After I saw the bathroom, I changed my mind and headed back home straight but..

Well that’s not the main problem because I can go to my friend’s place to bath..



but the toilet is out of reach too.. T3T

Now, I don’t even dare to drink a sip of water…




i hate joo!! Wafu!


Clutch.. Huh?

Please read this before reading this post.

Seriously, I really not very familiar with car mechanics.  He was talking about clutch plate, nuts, maximum tuning, gear box, warranty, cover, something about taking photos in between and also claim.

Then he mentioned about something that is not cover by warranty and might need to change the whole gear box and I need to pay RM700+ for it. Well that, woke me up!

I was like ” hmm ehh i get back to you tomorrow. “

Later that my colleague explained to me that something might be wrong with the gear and clutch and to find out what happen, they need to open up the gear box and investigate. And some parts can be claimed from warranty while some can’t and the worst case scenario I might need to buy a brand new gear box for RM700+.

So now all I can do is pray hard..


My Car Just Evolved from Manual to Auto

Just like an auto car…

My car some how turned from a manual transmission car into an auto 1. :/

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