Miao Broke a Crocodile

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The other day, I borrowed a luggage bag from my friend. It was a brand new luggage, so my friend asked me to take care of it and so I did. I hugged it all the time, carried it every where, gave it a good massage, spa.. Not even a fly can get a metre near it. XD

It was all good until the day I reached KLIA, the luggage came out from the cargo with a two big cuts on the leather part of the luggage. T3T  sob sob

If you’re reading this, please don’t kill me….. I’m sooo sorry..

but you can kill my hamsters if you want..

(Aiks! I just remember both of them already dead)

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  1. Hah. Happened to me too. My wheels were missing when it came out of the conveyor belt.
    Nowadays, unless its a long trip. I usually just hand-carry. Its safer

    I usually bring two bags so i have to

  2. agree with Cheryn…Seen people throwing the luggage in…

    If you knew this would happen and your luggage way excess the weight…you would rather be in the cargo yourself X]

    hahha true

  3. made me think of my past experience.. I went camping at Pulau Tuba, Langkawi and MAS forgot my luggage at KLIA because of the transit.. 3 days without changing new clothes until they delivered the luggage to my camping site.. xO

    Woahhh that sucks!

  4. There’ll be a new “scar” every single time … like a… souvenir from the airport! Lesson learned: Don’t buy expensive luggage.

    True true hahah

  5. ya… always happen… so i always check in as fragile but no diff one… if really expensive make sure d luggage fits d hand carry width… n jz carry on board… specially wen flying MAS… =.=

    LV luggage fuuu hahaha XD

  6. nope, just the travel tag. the tag where i wrote my name and phone number =.= i only used it twice 🙁

    Oh. 🙁
    next time tie it with a chain 😀

  7. Miao I just vot for you!!!! (dunno why I have the urge to say this. lol) But I think we need to ‘like’ the contest first, then they allow us to vote. leceh! why these people want us to ‘like’ them even if we don’t like them? I just want to vote wooo….

    Anyway, good thing you didn’t lose your luggage. Otherwise, that would be so bad lor

    True! but thanks for the vote!!! *heart!*

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