I haz a Kitten from Germany

Jian Akiraceo Ofix 46 Comments

Hehehe.. it’s not a real cat.

But my senior still refused to touch it. Yes, she is very scared of cats even they are fake.



But the cat does looks very real to me at certain angle πŸ˜€

And because of that, my boss…

My senior finally touched it !! butΒ getting goosebumps right after that XD hahaha

Maybe next time I’ll try and bring a real cat for her to touch.. πŸ˜€

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Comments 46

  1. wahhh u got a mickey boss and a minnie seniorrr πŸ™‚
    at first i tot its real also… and i went ewww.. cat… but then luckyits not… hahahha

    Hahaha you don’t like cats eh?

  2. yalor…especially the pic took from the cat’s back, it is so real. the fur is so real. at first i was thinking how to bring a real cat all the way from German.

    Yep the back looks most real..
    I always put it that way πŸ˜›

  3. for a moment i thought it was real but i thought it looks abit weird. just look at the nose! haha

    That’s the thing! the nose darn fake @@
    else it will be perfect hahah

  4. hmm..i wonder is the fur from a real cat in Germany~ but it’s still very cute^^ nxt time bring a sleeping kitten to ur senior^^

    hahaha no idea.. hope not!

  5. first impression : OMG..your fren really brings a cat for you!!

    after a few looks (finished the post) : still look very real to me =)


    Hahaha except the nose part XD

  6. for some weird reason…
    the nose look more like a pig’s nose to me than a cat…
    but…it was darn cute nevertheless…

    It’s a hybrid hahahaha

  7. cute3…it looks real πŸ™‚
    want 1 too!!!
    hoho…like this post SOOOOOOO much!!

    go go get one..
    my friend said there are others.. some with open eyes

  8. so cute~~ i want one too~~ lol like what ur boss said XD hehehe

    *maybe i should try disgust my boss like that too so that he wont come near my place lol… he’s fun to be with… but sometimes anoying with his jokes =.= and sometimes he’ll come and kacau if he’s bored… huhuhu lucky i wasn’t the only one he kacau =P

    lol XD your boss seems like a funny boss

  9. whadda! And here I was excited that a Meow really rears a meow.. but it turns out to be a fake one -.-
    Why don’t you go get one yourself? Get a Persian cat or something. I prefer dogs over cats though, no offense Jian. =P

    Get a pet need a lot of planning and responsibility..
    i won’t be staying in west msia for 20 years.. (the lifespan of a cat)
    and it’s hard to bring pets back to Sarawak. Sarawak is very strict on this matter

  10. Lol miao, I don’t think senior is a afraid of the toy cat. What she meant by ‘Gargh a cat!’ Is ‘Gargh! Giant, talking cat!’ Huehuehuehue. Anyway I enjoy your comics, keep it up!

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