A Miao’s Day at the Dentist

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Hahaha the little boy’s expression is so funny XD. He had all his tears wiped and try to pretend the part where he cried did not happened at all. Well, everyone heard him and everyone was looking at him when he’s out.

There’s one bad cat that actually giggled back there… XD






Well, 5 teeth down and 3 more to go, so this wont be my last visit to the dentist this year T3T.

Comments 24

  1. reminds me of the time when i had 4 teeth pulled out to fix my braces. i came out from the room bitting the cotton that sucked up my blood after the extraction, and there was this little girl in the waiting area looking at me with fear in her eyes. and her mummy had to calm her haha

    Bwahahah XD

  2. Serious shiznitz?! that expensive?!?! Just for a dentist?? O.o

    Hahah that’s not the most expensive one yet..
    I did a RM450 service on a single tooth before and my next tooth will cost me RM600…
    gg T3T

  3. rm260 for 5 gigi?? and pull so many ah? then ma no more gigi left? hehehe

    Didn’t pull out.. just paste with cement LOL
    but the next 3 teeth need to pull out T3T

  4. uwaaaahhhh…
    so expensive?
    only for cementing the teeth?
    your company doesnt cover/have it’s own panel for dentist visit izit?

    5 teeth 😀 that’s way is RM260
    my company only cover RM100 annually

  5. RM260 is expensive but after divide them by 5 pieces of tooth~ yea, that’s the price !

    3 more to go?

    how do you feel after a quarter of your teeth gone from you mouth…spacious…?


    Drilling and cementing 😀
    So the 5 teeth still there but the last 3 gonna go…
    I already hv 2 gone, so in total there will be 5 of them gone in the end XD

  6. wah ! i was in a dillemma whether to go to the dentist since saturday .. and now u see ur post about going to the dentist. Hahaha … i’ve never been to any dentist in melaka, can intro me ? what do u mean by 5 teeth ? u drill it is it ? I’m sooooo scared of drilling la ………… T_T dillemma dillemma …. i’m holding on with painkillers now T_T

    Go go..
    There’s one near Ayeh Keroh height, beside BSN, called Ng Dental something something..
    She’s good.. very nice and will think for your own good instead of cheating your money like the one in Melaka Raya..

    Don’t worry you can ask her for the injection to ease the pain.. 🙂
    and the injection is painless.. 😀

  7. where did u go? i recommend klinik utama in malim jaya..

    I went to the ayeh keroh height one..
    ouu thanks but i would like to stick to my current one 😀

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