Miao and his Itchy hands..

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After the visit to the dentist, my lips and nose still feel numb and without any senses because of the dental injection. I don’t know why but I have this urge of keep of touching, poking and pitching it because it ‘s painless as if it’s not my skin XD.

I regretted when the drug’s effect ran off because my nose was in pain. @@ Now my nose still feel sore…

Me and my itchy hand =.=

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  1. i once had surgery to remove my wisdom tooth. doctor subscribed to me the most powerful painkiller that is legally available. used it for 3 days, then after the dose was over, on the fourth day, no more drug. PAAAIINNNNNNNNNNN!!!

    Oh shit! I gonna do have that too @@

  2. Okay, no wonder you said you cannot feel your nose so this is why!
    Itchy hands! But I know the feeling, you can pull super hard at it and it still feels like nothing lol!

    That’s why lor hahaha

  3. i hate going to the dentist. When i pull my first wisdom tooth, i ask the dentist to give me the best pain killer, best medicine to numb the pain during extraction and the best medicine to eliminate all bleeding.:P

    i still got 3 more wisdom tooth to go 🙁

    oh my ..
    oh wait i tot one person hv 2 wisdom teeth only?

  4. awww…poor miao. but i never knew that nose will be affected too, as in your nose feeling numb after the injection. hehe…

    ah..love the header. cant wait for Christmas too!!!

    oh..cause i did my upper teeth..

  5. Oookay~ no wonder you said you couldn’t find your nose that day lah!
    I had the same experience before! mouth surgery, and numbed, couldn’t feel anything at all, super fun hahaha!

    Aftermath = scratches around my mouth lol.

    Hahha you too
    fun right XD

  6. i had the same experience early this july too.It felt really strange to have a numb lips..haha.i even ate ice-cream after the dentist visit .I can’t even feel the ice dripping on my lips.

    Hahaaha XD
    same thing just that mine is nose water instead of ice cream XD

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