Clutch.. Huh?

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Please read this before reading this post.

Seriously, I really not very familiar with car mechanics.  He was talking about clutch plate, nuts, maximum tuning, gear box, warranty, cover, something about taking photos in between and also claim.

Then he mentioned about something that is not cover by warranty and might need to change the whole gear box and I need to pay RM700+ for it. Well that, woke me up!

I was like ” hmm ehh i get back to you tomorrow. “

Later that my colleague explained to me that something might be wrong with the gear and clutch and to find out what happen, they need to open up the gear box and investigate. And some parts can be claimed from warranty while some can’t and the worst case scenario I might need to buy a brand new gear box for RM700+.

So now all I can do is pray hard..

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  1. the blur face looks funny…tell the mechanic then,”can u explain with the “simple language?”..hehe

    I’m better to understand stuffs with pictures or gestures..
    pure words just is so hard to understand

  2. not covered by waranty?? WTF??

    wait.. how long have you own the car?
    more than 3 years??
    i thought waranty was 5 years for proton?

    3 years only and it depends on the parts.. some parts not cover

  3. Proton’s gearboxes are not very robust (since they are based on mitsu gearboxes which suck). You have to make sure you change your gear oil very punctually loh.

    If it makes you feel better, I just paid 1700 for brake pads, control arms and bushing repairs :(.

    BLM 1 is based on nissan 1 🙁
    Wahh 1.7k @@

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