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  1. I KNOW RIGHT?! It’s SO frustrating! Plus as a youngster you can’t actually comment him/her because they are ‘older’. Later they emo the whole community turns against you. 🙁

    Sigh. People these days are so impatient.

    That’s true 🙁

  2. Daaamn… i sure say loud-loud, “Whoah! Aunty potong queue bully granma!”

    hahahaha she sure gonna be very embarrassed

  3. Usually if my friend is around with me, she’ll go: “WA these days people only know how to CUT Q, no more manners!”

    I know its very sarcastic lah, but its better than doing nothing lol.

    True true..
    *hide in the corner*

  4. happen to me lots of time when i was over at KL… was talking with my friend that time…. =.= and the worse thing is not only 1 aunty but 5 aunty potong que at the same time… and then they chitchat like nothing happen… =.= tiew!

    Wahhh.. it’s a tactic.. @@

  5. Ohman, :/ this happen so often, I remember got one time at Genting Theme Park, my friends & I were lining up, and there was some guy at back of us keeping walking in front, and wanna cut our line esh..!

    My blog : My.Time.Corridor

    did you guys gave him the ‘stare’

  6. aiyah….
    no manners at all…
    but when we youngsters do it…
    they scolded us like there’s no tomolo…
    but when they do it…
    it’s not right but its ok…

    That’s the thing T3T

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