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Signed up for this charity run couple of months ago. The run will be held this coming 26 of December in Melaka.

And with my current state, I doubt I can finish it. Okay, maybe I can… in 3 hours.  XD hahahahaha

It’s a 6km run but now I can’t even finish 1km in one run. =.= I actually walks more than I run during my training. XD hahha It’s very tiring. I wonder how they can run and run and run non-stop. :/

Maybe I should train more but time is running out. I only have 1 more week to go..

Hopefully, they will allow us to take breaks in between.. so maybe I can stop by a coffee shop and have some breakfast or something.. 😀

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  1. i always think ipod or even hearing music is works for marathon, or even jogging.
    tty to control ur breath, steps n all…
    6km, don walk lar wei~~

    hahah but mine is a miaopod XD

  2. back in high school we use to do 5km for girls and 7 km for boys~
    try to jog at a constant speed~ i think is better cause when u speed up u use a lot of strength and energy~ XD

    yeah… 1metre per hour 😀

  3. Not all runners run until finish line (those finished running from start usually are professionals). If you have to walk, walk. no one will blame you (unless you’re blocking their path). overexerting might brought you serious injuries (some died during marathons actually). so take it easy specially if you’re a beginner ^^

    take care ^^

    (I’m a 10k beginner runner btw ^^)

    I think I will take my sweet time then 😀

  4. miao.. energy bar.. energy bar.. hahahhah.. THat s what i always have b4 my run.. I just completed 10 km run yesterday.. and my body pain like sh*T… All the very best k..

    Oh my…..

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