A Sign or a Warning?

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Had a dream few nights ago. I dreamed of getting this dream phone of mine, the HTC Desire HD. I remembered I bought it for 1499 in the dream and I was so happy. I was enjoying it until I found out I have no money to buy any food. @@ I ended up running around asking people to buy the phone.

This is the first time I had this kind of dream. @@ I believe it might be either  a warning or a sign. A warning for me never to get the smartphone, or a sign for me to…




go buy a 4D number…

Well, I believe the later one and went and bought  1499 😛

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  1. i think u’ll get at least a consolation price with that number. Go buy a MIAO outfit to wear during the charity run with that money so that u can win the fancy dress competition. Hahaha ..

    Hahaha if i win i think i will jz donate that money away lor XD

  2. wooopss i wan HTC Desire HD too! T_T…win liao lottery buy together gather wif me k 😀 😀

    hahaha i need to buy a lot to win ler..RM1 not enough to get two

  3. Don’t worry, this is just a dream but hope you win and I think you will surely get a jackpot…Gud luck to you.

    Hahaha a chicken jack with a pot eh?

  4. Last week, I dreamed that someone anonymous send me a gift. I got scared and left the present under my bed for two months, thinking something weird.

    But then, when I open it, it was a Sony Alpha DSLR camera. I was busy checking out the cam but it was short. I woke up.

    Haiz, I wish the dream comes true. 🙂

    Hahahaha you desire an Alpha eh XD

  5. Omg I love the Swipe expression. Smiling to myself. I think better don’t buy T.T I’m so tempted to get iPhone 4 too T.T

    Just need to remind self that there’s not really a need for a smartphone.. 😀

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