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Well, I finally manage to finish the charity run and didn’t faint in the middle of the run. 😀

*Proud of myself* Hahahaha..

Although, it was not as fun as I thought it would be. Mainly because I was running alone and I forgot to bring my IPod with me but it turned out to be quite an eye opener for me.

Beside the appearance of a couple of pretty chicks during the run (ahem 😛 ), I found out that one can actually completes a 6km run in less than 15 minutes (approximately) because I saw this guy running at the opposite side of the road towards the finish line around 10 minutes in my run.

@@ That’s just crazy..

I don’t think I can run that fast in my life….Hmm unless I start running with all my 4 legs from now on. XD



Sorry no photos were taken at the run as I didn’t brought my DSLR with me…

but I can show you this..


A big accomplishment for me :P.

(my sisters still don’t believe I went for a marathon run XD )

Comments 21

  1. harlo miao miao,

    congratulations to jian! Nx time participate in more marathon!
    This time bring some pretty chicks with you and you sure run faster!

    Hahah thanks 😀
    don’t know any 🙁

  2. technically, a marathon is a 42km race.. maybe that’s why your sis didn’t believe you? 😀

    42km @@

    well, i wasn’t that active in sports 😛

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  4. MIAO!!
    I was THERE too!!
    I would have loved to get a picture with u!!
    T.T i’m so Disappointed!
    but i’m so Glad I ran the Malacca Charity Run cause u’re in it too!

    You were there too?!!
    🙁 Too bad didn’t manage to meet up

  5. ahhahahahahahha…….u should consider joining us all rookies just wanna have fun by joining marathon……ooopppssss run xD…

    hahahah See first XD

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