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Miao, the Happy Mischievous Kitty Cat

Yipple!!! I’m going back Kuching for Chinese New Year!! Was so happy that I started to count down since Monday and even went around the office disturbing my colleagues; shaking their chairs etc XD

I think all my colleagues is wishing me to go home as soon as possible too..  LOL


Well, its been 6 months I went back.. miss my family and the food a lot. If only there’s a job for me here, then I…sigh.  Anyway, Kolok Mee, Sarawak Laksa~~ Here I come!! Oh yeah~~

Oyah, a safe journer to those who are traveling back to their hometown and a happy holiday to those who are already there. 🙂


Miao Regretted

The other day, MonkeyHao visited Melaka with his foreign friend. Since I’m in town, I met up with them and brought them around the city.

The new foreign friend was a very curious fella and was very interested about our culture and history. Thus, asking all sorts of questions about our country.

And our basic understand couldn’t match up with his questions as some of them were even harder than our secondary exam questions. @@ And he wanted the exact date for some happenings in our country and not some approximate time or period. @@

But thank God, there’s a museum around the corner to answer all his questions..

and ours too. XD


Chinese New Year Wallpaper 2011

Kekeke.. Chinese New Year 2011 wallpaper is here.

No more Lion Dance. I present you the Wabbit Dance.

Get them from Download Page

Hope you guys love it 🙂

Dong Chiang Dong Chiang Chiang Chiang!!!

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