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I always have this problem remembering people names, either I get them mixed up or I can’t remember.. T3T

It happened the other day when I was out with my friend and his friends. He introduced them but I kinda mixed up/forgot bout their names an hour later. I tried to pick up somewhere between their conversation but you know sometimes close friends never tends to call out each other names. :/

Lucky I have a back up plan and…

Hahahahaha… it worked. Don’t play play.

Requirement needed:

Level – 25 / Race – Cat/ Str – 0/ Vit – 0/ Int – 0 /Dex – 0 / Luk -99


In the end, I managed to find out their names through Facebook XD

Thank God, there’s Facebook.

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  1. LOL…. hope you remember me then. I am YY aka ysqaure that go to yum cha with you in D’puteh the other day~

    Ohhh….Now I know your name 😛

  2. LOL.. same case also. I always forgot ppl name and ppl will also forgot my name. So, I will introduce myself with a simple and easy remember name, so ppl wont forgot who I am. 😀

    Especially when first meeting right..
    Meet a couple more times then usually won’t be any prob

  3. I have the same problem too! Hahaha. I just can’t get ’em right.

    p/s Nice blog btw, I like the way you narrate your stories with the cute cute comic 😀

    Heheh u too eh..

    Oh thanks 😀

  4. I agree with Miao! Today I went chiong-k with friends and two of them are new to me. Came home, upload the pics and friends tagged them on FB. Then, I know their names.. lol~

    I think everyone’s like that unless that person is a leng loi or shuai ke eh? hehehe..

    Same thing lor.. the people I met that day was good looking 😀

  5. My name is Ru-Shuen, remember, my name is Ru-Shuen
    My name is Ru-Shuen, remember, my name is Ru-Shuen
    My name is Ru-Shuen, remember, my name is Ru-Shuen

    Hmm what’s your name again?

  6. very similar things happen to me when I visit my friend at Manchester and he brought along his 3 friends.. I even mix up their faces with names.. also thank goodness got facebook, i’m matching the name with their faces now.. haha

    btw, I’m cassie.. ^^

    Hahaha remind me to name my children some good to remember names XD

    btw, im wafu

  7. Hey Miao, still remember my name? I won’t tell u my name is Joshua, I wan u to guess/recall my name.

    hmm… you’re… JJ…Jack?..Joo..John? Joss…Josephine?

  8. As you’ve said, Facebook is a tool I use to make me rmb ppl better. But for girls a bit of different story. If I immediately rmb the girls’ names, it’s a sign that I’m interested.

    not fair lor.. hahahaha

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